Fuck Mainstream Power Player and Youtube!!



So I had a conversation with my bro Pawz One today and we talked about a recent move that youtube has played on the independent artist.  The thing is this, youtube will pretty much be cutting off its independent artists content permanently. The mainstream power players have lost too much to allow the indie momentum to continue to grow. youtube has reached an agreement with major labels to keep content of those signed to these labels and pretty much the indie labels have been fucked. They extended the opportunity to indies to keep content but the requirements to do this was pretty much bullshit. Now you would say the plus side to this is that now you won’t have wack foos uploading their garbage, correct? Now while this may hold true cuz god knows I’ve seen some shit on youtube where I’m just like WTF!! haha but the disadvantage is this, in todays world where getting out there just isn’t enough, these outlets have helped a lot of artists reach the peak in their careers.  a lot of talent has gained world wide recognition to this. For those that don’t have a major label backing them up this move will probably put a stall to their careers! even Forbes said it, “Perhaps more important is the fact that many up-and-coming artists may have a harder time sharing their music and videos. As sales decline, more and more people look to sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp to let people stream their music, with YouTube being far and away the most popular. Barring lesser-known names from the most popular streaming site in the world could seriously damage the growth of independent artists, and hurt the careers of future stars”. So back to the point, while we think garbage is being weeded out check out what they’ll still have up. true hip hop fans know what the mainstream has to offer and let me tell you these artist are practically jokes (with the exception of a few good ones). its about money! It always has been and will always be so. The momentum of the independent movement has caused a major loss in mainstream revenue so this is a way to “get back” in a sense. They rather keep all the garbage that they keep feeding these kids as opposed to having music that really educates them. There’s a positive to this though, at least in my opinion. With the rise of independent artist a lot of independent media outlets have surfaced to help these artist. Sites like , and of course, yours truly,, have been established to help independent artist get the exposure they need. No matter what there will always be a way for you to get out there as an artist if you really want it but it’s just fucked up how a major outlet can just do such thing without taking people into consideration when these people are the reason such sites are big in the first place. I heavily recommend you guys look into the article to further understand what i am talking about! i have included the link at the bottom of this article. If you guys would like to contribute an opinion or comment feel free to enter it on an email through or contact us tab!  Remember, Steelo is always here to be an outlet for all artists! when they turn their back on you , we got you!

Forbes article on youtube deleting indie content (link below)

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