Disciples of The Sick – Album Review




The new Disciples of The SICK album is a definite must have!!!!!! Yo believe me when I tell you this album is a sure classic. The hard hitting aggressiveness that comes straight from the speakers is amazing. Remember the early days when Psycho Realm first emerged into the music industry? Remember the aggression, and real life spit that the war story albums carried? This album is something that will take you back to those days with a smirk! SP, Bet, Test, and Eggroll killed this one. Their featured track, “Psychopaths” is raw! It almost seemed like that was the message that they were trying to convey to the public, That THEY ARE PSYCHOS! They definitely earned their spot with that track and fuckin Eggroll sounds like Big Duke! I almost feel like I’m listening to a Psycho Realm album. Being under the sick side wing they are definitely on their way man. The intensity, delivery, instrumentals, lyrics, its all there! Track 8 in particular, they sampled “spiders” by SYSTEM OF A DOWN and EGGROLL did it justice man. It was an instrumental genius that was backed by awesome lyrics and hook! I have 2 copies of this album you should go get yours now!
The album features 13 brand new tracks, and features Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm! This is a really sick album and is a must have for all Psycho Realm fans because they brought some ill tracks to the album!

get the album now on CD BABY!!!

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