Album Review – Kriphop Nation “Police Brutality Profiling mixtape” By. Fredy Garcia


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Police injustice seems to never end. Nowadays all over the news you find yourself hearing another story about innocent victims gunned down by those who are supposed to “serve and protect us”. Yeah right, these filthy motherfuckers have become trigger happy. Now, this is something that isn’t new but it has gotten worse over the years. Now you may say there is foos out there smoking cops and retaliating, but it’s just that people are getting tired. Tired of being bullied by these officers. Tired of being racially profiled. Tired of these crime fighters committing crimes and getting away with it! Tired of being harassed because of the color of their skin color of disabilities! Wait, what? Yes! Although most people are oblivious to this fact, people with disabilities, are being harassed by these officers. The problem, however, is that the news is never going to bring it to the publics eye or ears. Could you imagine how bad the people would flip if they saw or heard this? No wonder they wouldn’t televise or write articles about this, but the good news is, some one made an album exposing these issues. If they couldn’t get it televised they had to bring it to our ears! And let me tell you, this “Police Brutality” album is fire in hip hops purest form, brought to you by 5th Battalion and Krip Hop Nation.  The album was put together by, artists that have experienced these injustices and continue to go through such experiences because of their disabilities.

The dark illuminated rhymes paint a very vivid picture of the stories in each song. You can feel the
emotions as they say their stories. The sound is different from most hip-hop albums that I’ve heard but it’s a perfect fusion of lyrics and instrumentals.
Track 2 “Who’s Gonna Stop Them” by DJ Quad ft. Lalah, is a perfect example of lyrical imagery. He talks about an encounter he had with the police and how they harassed him despite being in a wheelchair. But I like that he says no
matter what they do he will speak up against the cops.

Track 1 “Neli Latson’s Story” by Kounterclockwise. This song has a complete different sound. Real vivid imagery followed by a hard hitting vocals and lyrics. The perfect recipe of instrumentals and delivery was used to put this song together.

Track 4 “Dear Lisa” by George TraGIC and Leroy F. Moore Jr’s “Disabled Profiled” (Track 8) are more on the poetic side. They are more heart felt and contain a more serious tone when approaching these issues. Is as if you can feel the pain that comes with the harassment, injustices and stereotypes. Never before have I heard such emotion play out through a song that wasn’t a ballad or a love song.

The collaboration of multiple artists each with his own unique style make this album really stand out. Even when it comes to being “real” and approaching real life issues , “police Brutality” really sets itself apart from the rest. The reason being is because it’s so unique! Covering a topic that most of us are not really exposed to. Hopefully this opens the eyes of many. The disabled community is fighting a battle just as harsh, if not worse, than the rest of us. Let’s show our support! This is one classic for your album collections. Get it NOW!!





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