Hip-Hop Event Jan 12,2018 – At Joe K’s Lounge


On Friday January 12th 2018 hip hop was alive and bumping at Joe K’s Lounge in the city of Vernon.

Photos taken by: Andy Gonzalez and Jesse DJ Quad Morin of Steelo Magazine

Live performances by: Sicko Soldado and special guest Kemo The BlaxicanInner City Dwellers, and a live music production set by J-Matik

It was the Inner City Dwellers who opened up the show with some hip hop fire waking the crowd up for what was to come, they got the crowd on their feet with the beats and opening their ears with their lyrics.. These guys got some messages in their music so if you haven’t heard them before, then be sure to check them out on one of their live shows..


Next on stage was Sicko Soldado bringing to you that Dead Silence Music.

Sicko Soldado gets on the mic as the crowd is ready for that DS music, bringing the energy as the crowd repeats his lyrics. Sicko does a few more songs when he them brings out his special guest and it is none other than Kemo The Blaxican. They do a few songs together and now the crowd is hype and feeling the vibe. Be sure to check out Sicko Soldado’s music.

Kemo did a few songs aswell and they were fire as are all his songs, if the crowd wasn’t already hype he got them off their feet bringing you that real music of Kemo The Blaxican the way he knows how.. If you missed this show then you missed out big time..


Now if that wasn’t enough up next was J-Matik, one of the dopest producers around putting on a live hip hop clinic in front of the crowd, playing everything live creating his master pieces right in front of you, as he had played a few of his beats that were recognized a couple of the artist like Kemo and Krazy Race grabbed the mic and blessed the crowd with some lyrics from those songs. It was a special night and everyone had a good time..



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