Steelo Model Maria – Sexy shoot


In her 1st photo shoot with Steelo Magazine.

You can read a little bit more about here below and see her beautiful photos as well..

Photography by: J.Morin of Steelo Magazine

If you like what you see and would like to book this beauty for any photo shoots, music videos, event hosting, clothing line promo shoots, MMA /Boxing ringside girl and more you can contact us here at  and give us the details for price quotes..


Name –Maria 
Nickname –Maggie 
Height –5’2
Weight – 122
Body Measurements – Breast 36″D– Waist –26 – Hips 38
Birthday & Sign – 7/28/1972
Favorite Foods – Seafood 
Favorite Color – Red
Eye color – Brown 
Favorite Movie – The House Bunny 
Months or Years of Modeling Experience – 14 months 
How did you get into Modeling –  Fan interests
Favorite thing about Modeling – Connections with fans 
How do you feel about representing and becoming a new model for Steelo Magazine – Excited
Hobbies – Working Out, Dancing & Gym
Any quote you like to give the viewers Work Hard. Dream Big.


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