Steelo Magazine Valentines Feature – Model Vy Chhann


Steelo Magazine is featuring this beautiful model for the 1st time here on our Valentine’s online publication. And be sure to stay tuned for this beauty to be featured many more times in the near future and also on our upcoming printed publications. We are just getting started…

Now let me introduce you to this beauty right here as we ask her a few fun Valentine’s questions. Now let’s see how much fun she had with them.

Model – Vy Chhann

Age – 32

Birthday – June 15, 1988

Zodiac sign – Gemini

Body Measurements:

Breast 32 – Waist 28 – Hips 36

Eye color – Brown

Ethnicity – Cambodian / Chinese

Location – Los Angeles

Name of Photographer for credits – Akina Clark – CEO & Founder – Ai Akinaa Clothing

Can you describe what we can expect to see from you in this year’s Valentines photo shoot and magazine issue?

How you feel about Valentine’s Day may depend on how you feel about yourself including the kind of relationship you’re in. Which personally for me will definitely be “SELF LOVE”. This year’s Valentine’s photo shoot and magazine issue you will be expecting to see lots of “love of self”. Own well-being and happiness. A desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic.

Are you a woman who goes all out for her partner on Valentine’s day or do you like your partner to surprise you with a special night?

I love spontaneous gifts and surprises and yes by surprises I mean the sexual kinds as well. I am a woman that loves to be spoiled on Valentine’s Day, surprise me with a special night. 

What is more romantic to you that a man can do for you on Valentine’s day, Rose petals all over the bed with candles around the room or slow romantic music and him feeding you chocolate covered strawberries in bed?

Slow romantic music and him feeding me chocolate covered strawberries in bed or I can be his sugar when he’s fiendin’ for that sweet spot. Put me in his mouth and eat it ’til his teeth rot.

What has been your most memorable Valentines experience that you have had?


Do you have any sexy fantasies that you would like to fulfill with your partner this Valentine’s day?

Unfortunately, I currently do not have a partner to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with, but if I did my sexy fantasies that I would like to fulfill would have to be Fantasy Roulette. Fantasies play a valuable role in our sex-lives.

Which type of sexy shoot would you rather do for a Valentines shoot, your body covered in rose petals with candles all around or your body covered in melted chocolate with pink and red sprinkles? And have you ever done a shoot like that before?

I most definitely would go with a body covered in melted chocolate with pink and red sprinkles! I’ve never done a shoot like that before.

Have you ever been surprised by your partner and taken to a special location on Valentines day?


What do you feel is more romantic when a man cooks a nice candle light dinner for you at home or going out for dinner at a nice restaurant. which one and why?

I feel more romantic when a man takes me out for dinner at a nice restaurant. I’d love to wine and dine with lavish meals. To be able to sit across a great man with a great glass of wine, some good food, good service. Have that wining and dining experience.

Describe in your words what would be the most perfect Valentine’s date to you?

Experiencing the ultimate romantic helicopter ride. Where adventure begins over the breathtaking coastal areas of Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Marina Del Rey. Landing atop a rooftop building overlooking the stunning downtown skyline sunset.  While enjoying a champagne toast, delicious chocolates, and red roses.

Do you have any special Valentine’s Day words or wishes for our readers viewing this Hot and Sexy Valentine’s issue?

Here’s to a Valentine’s Day filled with good wine, good food and especially good sex! Valentine’s Day is all about love, and to me, love is friendship. I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. Sending my warm wishes to you all. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and everlasting love. Happy Valentine Day. 

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