Steelo Magazine Valentines Feature – Model Lacey Blayze


Steelo Magazine is featuring model Lacey Blayze for our Valentine’s online publication, so get ready for Lacey as she gives you something different for this Valentines feature.

Model – Lacey Blayze

Age – 33

Birthday – Made in May

Zodiac sign – Taurus

Body Measurements:

Breast 32” Waist 26” Hips 32”

Eye color – Hazel

Ethnicity – Caucasian

Location – OC baby

Photographer credits – @nicotinebanditphoto

Can you describe what we can expect to see from you in this year’s Valentines photo shoot and magazine issue? 

I wanted to do something different than the classic pink and roses. I thought a sexy schoolgirl twist was in order.

Are you a woman who goes all out for her partner on Valentine’s day or do you like your partner to surprise you with a special night?

I love to be surprised with a special night! I know it’s supposed to be a two-way street type of Holiday, but I make up for it in bed that night.

What is more romantic to you that a man can do for you on Valentine’s day, Rose petals all over the bed with candles around the room or slow romantic music and him feeding you chocolate covered strawberries in bed?

I would like rose petals and candles better because it takes more effort and to me that shows he cares more. 

What has been your most memorable Valentines experience that you have had?

Honestly (I hope my ex’s don’t ever see this lol), I haven’t had a Valentine’s Day that’s stood out enough for me to remember it as the most memorable.

Do you have any sexy fantasies that you would like to fulfill with your partner this Valentine’s Day?

Well, I’m obsessed with role playing during sex. It’s like a MUST for me or I get bored. So maybe if he agreed to let the tables turn and dressed up as something I wanted him to wear for a change, that would be hot!

Which type of sexy shoot would you rather do for a Valentines shoot, Your body  covered in rose petals with candles all around or your body covered in melted chocolate with pink and red sprinkles, and have you ever done a shoot like that before? 

As much as I like playing with hot wax during photo shoots, I would have to say the melted chocolate because I’ve never done that before and it sounds sexy as hell. 

Have you ever been surprised by your partner and taken to a special location on Valentines day? (if yes please tell us) 

Of course! Every year is usually a surprise restaurant… Too many to name.

What do you feel is more romantic when a man cooks a nice candle light dinner for you at home or going out for dinner at a nice restaurant, which one and why?

I would say when a man cooks a nice candlelit dinner, it totally screams “You matter and I love you” to me. Anyone can make a reservation; all you need is a phone and google nowadays. But not every man can cook, AND light candles, AND not burn the place down in the process. 

Describe in your words what would be the most perfect Valentine’s date to you?

A nice picnic dinner on the beach (with a ton of blankets to stay warm), some good rosè wine, and then home so I can put on my surprise lingerie and have a Valentine’s night sexcapade. 

Do you have any special Valentine’s Day words or wishes for our readers viewing this Hot and Sexy Valentine’s issue?

Every girl wants to feel special, and made to feel like she’s the “only girl in the world.” So if you have a girlfriend, my wishes for you are that you don’t get caught reading this issue. (Just kidding)

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