Steelo Magazine Model – Valeria Faith (Body painting shoot)


Steelo Magazine Model – Valeria Faith (Body painting shoot)

Photography by: Henry Singleton of Steelo Magazine (Texas)

Steelo Magazine Interview with Texas model Valerie Faith..

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Can you please introduce your self, give us your name and where you are located from?

  • Hi, thank you for this interview. My name is Valerie Faith, yes that’s my real name, given to me by my mom who was a very spiritual beautiful woman.  I am very happy she named me because my grandmother named my sister and she got stuck with Maria Guadalupe. Lol

Can you tell us your birthday and sign?

  • I was born 4 days after Christmas, 12/29/1977, so I never really get many gifts everyone is usually broke by the time my birthday rolls around. Im a CAPRICORN all the way, slow to anger, career oriented, and kind.  I often get told by my assertive friends that I need to learn to have more of an attitude but I prefer to catch flies with honey.

Can you tell us your body measurements? 

  • My current measurements are 36-26-38, My figure has always been curvy, thick thighs and tiny waist. I thank my mom for giving me her great genes.  Even when I was at my smallest my legs and rear have always been thick, I attribute it to years of weight lifting and dance while I was growing up.

What is your height and weight?

  • I am 5ft 2 inches and 130lbs.

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When did you start modeling?  How much modeling experience do you have?

  • As a little girl as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to act/model. My mom always encouraged my talents and when I was 11 she enrolled me in John Casablanca modeling school which I completed with flying colors. By the age of 12 years old I was published in my first magazine and I was being aired on TV commercials for KABB channel 29. I was a natural actress.  In the 6th grade I won several awards for my dramatic monologue acting, unfortunately, tragedy struck my family this year as well which would change the direction of my goals for a very long time. My mom lost her battle with cancer this year.  I was sitting in my 6th grade English class room when I was pulled out of school so I could go to the hospital and say goodbye to her before they turned off her breathing machine. She was my world. I stopped modeling/acting for a long time after she passed. It was almost like I died with her that day and I was forced to continue living so I had to create a new Valerie who was nothing like the old. So I stop modeling and acting for years. I turned my focus toward a more analytical career. I dropped all my drama and art class and I enrolled in Anatomy & physiology courses, I was going to be a doctor. I earned a biology degree from a 4 year university but went on to Law school instead.

What made you want to get into becoming a model?

  • And yet another life tragedy is what made me want to get back into modeling. After graduating law school I was faced with the failure of my 12 yr marriage. I had been in a troubled marriage for so long I had forgotten who I was. Alone for the first time in years I decided it was time to claim back the life and passions of that little girl that I lost so long ago. This was the true me after all. I began modeling as an adult again as a promotional model for a local modeling group in San Antonio which led me into canvassing in which artist paint beautiful works of art on me that I model usually for events and shoots. This quickly became a passion of mine and the artists were eager to work with me. TV shows like Skin Wars and Face Off made this a popular form of art. And all of a sudden I became a canvas in high demand.

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When you began to model did you have the support from your family and friends?

  • My family is very supportive of all my modeling and acting. My older sister often attends my events and takes video and pictures of me on the runway.

And was there anyone who inspired you as you began your modeling career? (If yes please tell us who and what was it that inspired you about that person?)

  • I was often inspired by curvy models. I knew there was a market for them and it was only going to grow. There was no one in particular but I really was motivated to see the demographics of what the typical model should look like change. There’s beauty in everyone and I can usually find it.

Do you remember your first photo shoot and what it felt like being in front of the camera?

  • I do remember my first photo shoot at 12 yrs old for a model search magazine and I was very comfortable in front of the camera. I did not have to be told how to pose or when to change my pose which really blew the minds of the photographer and my dad who happen to be the one who took me to the shoot that day. He told me later that the editor of the magazine said she was very impressed with me and that I will go far in the industry. I know I would have had I continued.

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Now having more experience in front of the camera does it come more natural to you?

  • Now that I am older and have more experience in front of the camera I think it still comes very natural to me however I am always trying to think outside the box and set myself apart from the rest.

Do you take the time to practice different poses and facial expressions in front of the mirror?

  • I am always working on my poses, runway walk, and monologues. It’s definitely something that you can get rusty at if you don’t practice.

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Can you tell us what you do to prepare for your photo shoots?

  • To prepare for my photoshoots I always make sure I get plenty of rest the day before and I always drive around with a car full of costumes, wigs and props. You never know when you might need a sombrero or a tutu for a photo shoot.

Looking at your photos it seems that you have been very creative with styles that you have brought in front of the camera. Do you have a favorite look or style that you like to do?

But my favorite look and style has to be the body-paint. I mostly model for a wonderful group of body-paint artists called Beyond the Canvas and they have become my family over the years. I have been very determined to help them gain the recognition they deserve. I’ve lived in many cities in Texas and SA has the largest group of body-paint artist out of all of them so much so that BTC often gets big names in the body-art industry to fly to SA and judge our annual competitions.

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Have you done more indoor studio shoots or outdoor shoot in different locations?

  • I’ve also been very fortunate to work with so many different types of photographers. I have a variety of shoots ranging from indoor studio with green screens to outdoor shoots in which I had to hike in the dark just to get to the location. It’s been a very cool experience learning all the different styles of the photographers I work with.

How do you feel about modeling doing body enhancements like boob jobs, tummy tucks and booty injections?  And have you had any work done yourself?

  • I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon but unfortunately I let many years go by and sometimes models feel like they have to use surgery to maintain marketable look. I am no different. I don’t intend on growing old gracefully. I have had breast enlargement. After having my son and breastfeeding  I didn’t have the chest I once had. My C cups turned into A’s. I was only looking to feel like myself again so I got some small C’s put in. I stressed to the doctor that they must look natural and they do. I did it in 2005 and to this day nobody in my family knows I had them done. Unless they read this article lol

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Are looking to get into TV Commercials, Music Videos or Movies?

If you have already please tell us a little something about your experience you have done and where viewers can find you.

  • My main passion is acting. Modeling was just something that kind of fell into my lap and offered more work in the industry but acting is what drives me. My first claim to fame in acting as an adult was being a paid extra in the movie Selena starring Jennifer Lopez. I stood right next to her on set but we weren’t allowed to talk to her. Since then I have been an extra on many sets my most recent acting job was in a music video for an up and coming Spanish singer named Carlton Zeus. You can find the video on youtube under Carlton Zeus, Necio Cumbia. Im the shorty on the mini-horse wearing the sombrero that I happen to have in the trunk of my car.

Besides modeling is there any other talents that you have? (If so please share with us)

  • Besides modeling and acting most people don’t know that I am a lover of poetry and writing. Im also not too shabby of an artist. Im good at sketching faces and painting but probably very rusty as these are talents that I gave up many years ago as well and I am only now rediscovering. I enjoyed this interview thank you for taking the time to let my fans know a little more about me, I appreciate all of them very much.

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Do you plan to do your own calendar, posters, or t’shirts anytime soon?

I do plan to market these creative looks on t-shirts, calendars, etc. Im looking forward to collaborating with other artists for marketable looks.

Now that it is official how does it feel to represent and be an official model for Steelo Magazine? (What do you plan to bring to the team of beauties?)

It feels great to be a part of a team of beauties that celebrate hard work and being comfortable in your own skin. My goal as a Steelo Model is to incorporate Steelo’s hot style with a little twist of Faith to create images Steelo fans will love.

Do you have any words or advise to those looking to get started in modeling?

I would advise anyone wanting to begin a modeling career to be knowledgeable of the business and your goals. I believe in empowering your mind to help you improve your career.

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few of our questions and we look forward to seeing more of you and the things you have coming out next..


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