Steelo Magazine Model – Tricia Carranza (Interview)


Steelo Magazine would like to introduce you to the Beautiful Tricia Carranza aka Ms Beautiful.

Born in Los Angeles California but now living in Denver Colorado..

Now let’s get to the interview with Ms Beautiful so you can get to know a little more about her.

Ms Beautiful can you tell us a lil bit about yourself,

I am 5’6 – 145lbs with Brown Eyes, My body Measurements are 36C-28-38.

I’m a Libra and my birthday is on October 13th..

Steelo: So at what age did you start modeling?

Ms Beautiful:  I started modeling when i was 18 year old.

Steelo: So can you tell us how you got into modeling?

Ms Beautiful: I always loved the camera as a kid and one day I did a modeling gig and stuck to it.

Steelo: Was there anyone who inspired you that you looked up to as you began your modeling career?  Ms Beautiful: No not really I just always loved being the center of attention lol.

Steelo: Do you remember your first photo shoot and what it felt like being in front of the camera? (Can you tell us a little bit about it?)

Ms Beautiful: Yes, It felt awesome like I finally get to do what I have always wanted to do, I felt powerful like its where I belonged.

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Steelo: Are there any special things that you do to prepare for your photo shoots?

Ms Beautiful: No!  just get ready and look Beautiful.

Steelo: Do you have a favorite look or style that you like to do? If so what is it?

Ms Beautiful: I like to try new styles don’t really have favorites.

Steelo: Is there a favorite photo that is most popular with your fans? And if so which one is it?

Ms Beautiful: My fans enjoy all of my pictures, cant really pin point any lol.

Steelo: Do you like doing indoors or outdoor shoots? Explain reasons for both.

Ms Beautiful: I like doing both, indoor because you can change the background, and outdoor because it gives a more natural feel to the picture, more fun and easy to work with .

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Steelo: Besides doing the modeling are looking to get into any TV Commercials, Music Videos or Movies? Ms Beautiful: Yes I have done a few music videos, would love to get TV gigs though.

Steelo: If you have already please tell us a little something about your experience you have done and where viewers can find you. You can find me on facebook,

Steelo: Do you plan to do your own calendar, posters, or t’shirts anytime soon? Any if you have any of them now where can they be purchased?

Ms Beautiful: I will let everyone know as soon as I know.

Steelo: Besides modeling is there any other talents that you have?

Ms Beautiful:  I am an artist, and I also do tattoos.

Steelo: When you’re not modeling what kind of activities or hobbies do you like to do?

Ms Beautiful: Spend time with my family, Try new things, shop, Travel, work out, and get massages lol

Steelo: Can you tell us how does it feel to a model for and representing as a Steelo Magazine model?   And what can the viewers expect from you as a Steelo Model?

Ms Beaurtiful: Feels pretty awesome because I can show the world what I got lol and you can expect nothing but the best from me because I aim to please when it comes to my modeling, its something im passionate about and I hope to give you a few more good years lol.. muah love you all

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If you are looking to Book this beautiful Steelo Model Ms.Beautiful for any Photo shoots, Music videos, Promo events, Clothing ling promotions and anything else you can contact us here with more info and details..  Steelo Model Contacts:


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