Steelo Magazine Model – Sin R (Sweet & Sexy Shoot)


Steelo Magazine Model – Sin R in her Sweet & Sexy Shoot.

This is her first time shooting with Steelo Magazine and getting featured for her 1st time as well, so we wanted to give her a little introduction to get to know a little bit more about her.

Photography by: J.Morin of Steelo Magazine Photography

Model – Sin R
Age – 28
Birthday – 7/15/1992

Zodiac sign – Cancer

Height – 5 ft, 0 in (fun size) 
Weight – 115 lbs
Eye color – Dark brown
Hair color – Dark brown 
Ethnicity – Chicana

Tell us about your modeling experience – how long have you been modeling? This i my first time doing a photo shoot.

What is it about modeling that you like? Breaking out of my shell and of course, The glitter & glam.

What types of looks and styles are we going to see from you with you modeling? Modern.

Is there someone that you look up to or that has inspired you to get into modeling? Anyone who ever doubted me.. Had to prove them wrong.

Are there any certain types of concepts that you would like to create for any of your upcoming shoots? Freedom, women empowerment, modern art.

Besides modeling do you have any other hobbies that you like doing? Schmoking, gaming, painting, drawing, writing, studying, hiking.

What do you do to get prepared for your shoots? I coordinate with the photographer on the ideas we have for that shoot. Get myself into the right vibes.

How often do you workout to keep in shape? Not as often as I should at the moment but getting back to toning.

Can you give us a special quote that you can Share with us? Stay high, stay happy, stay sane -Sin.

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