Steelo Magazine Model – Sherina Acosta – Featured Interview


Steelo Magazine would like to introduce to you our newest Steelo beauty so be sure to check out her full interview and beautiful photos below..

Photography by: Jesse Morin of Steelo Magazine

Also Sage Photography

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Name: Sherina Acosta

Nickname : Indian Princess

Age: 36

Location: Midland, Texas

Birthday and sign: June 23,1982 Cancer

Height : 5feet

Weight: 135lbs

Body measurement: Thick n Curvy

Hair color : Black

Eyes: Brown

Now for our first question can you tell us how long have you been modeling for?

I’ve been modeling for years off and on but the 2 years Ive been non stop.

When did you get started modeling?

Fernando Deanda got me into it years back, doing a private photo shoot i think in 2010.

What was it about modeling that caught your interest and inspired you to get into modeling? The confidence it gave me, and love I had for it once I started I just visioned more goals and opportunities.

Is there someone that you looked up to that inspired you with the work they have done in their modeling career?  Yes, Fernando Deanda & Andy Sage.

Can you remember back to your very first photo shoot and tell us about your experience and how you felt getting in front of the camera for the first time?  Yes I was shooting for Fernando Deanda I was so nervous but very excited. At 1st  I thought to myself I cannot do it . But Fernando talk to me the whole time made me feel comfortable. He was showing me my work I was amazed how the shots were coming out.

When it comes to your photo shoots is there a certain type of look or style that you really like to do? I’ve been loving the lingerie and Lowrider shoots the most. Something about posing next to a lowrider makes me feel sexy.

What kind of reaction do you get from most of the viewers that have seen your photos? Everyone loves them, I love when I see people sharing my photo and giving me love for my shoots.  Ive been having tons of people ask for the prints so now I’m doing prints of my shoots.

I believe that modeling is a form art. What are some of the ways you have created different styles of art with your body?   I’m not no size 0 I am thick so i like to embrace my curves show other ladies that a woman with curves can pull it off as much too.

Have you ever wanted to do any body painting shoots or anything with different types of costumes?  No not yet but planning to do some shoots like that this year.

What are some of the thing that you do to prepare yourself before each photo shoot? I always take extra outfits and heels and of course my makeup.  I always try on my outfits and costume 1st before going to the shoots, like days before.

What are the things you do to keep your body in the shape that it is in? How often do you workout during the week? I go walking and jogging 4 to 5 days a week, I hit up the gym 4 to 5 days a week. I also do replacement meals doing herbal life.

Can you tell me what your most memorable modeling experience has been?  Wow there so many all of them been memorable each one has taught me something. Every shoot has their different style and that is what I love about it.

In your opinion what are some of the things that make for a good model? Having confidence in yourself, you gotta have love for yourself 1st. And always try something different by switching up your style to show the world you can pull off anything.


When you started modeling did you have the support from your family or was anyone against it? My family has always supported me and I’m very blessed for that. But at the same time I have lost some friends who didn’t agree with me modeling.  But it shows me that those type of friends were never really my friends to begin with. I have tons of family and friends that are showing me mad love and support .

Where do you think you fit in more when it comes to the modeling industry, high fashion modeling, commercial fashion, commercial modeling, or somewhere else?  Lowrider industry i love the beauty and details on all the rides so being able to pose for them is an honor. I’m down for everything.

What do you like doing more indoor shoots or outdoor locations?  I’m enjoying the outdoor shoots more.

I see that you follow the car show scene, Are looking to make it as a car show model, or are you looking to open up your opportunities with other things more than just cars? I love being a car show model wanting pursue it more but also wanting to expand other things as well.

Is there a favorite photo that is most popular with your viewers / fans? Yes my bikini shoot.

Are there any plans for you to make your own calendars, posters or t’shirts?  Or if you do have any of those products do you have somewhere they can be purchased? I do have posters out and yes 2019 calendar will be coming out in the next few months.  I do want to sell different products and merchandise also.. To purchase my poster just message me on facebook or instragram for details.

Besides modeling is there any other talents that you have that nobody knows about? I love reading and one day I would love to be able to write my very own book.

What type of things do you like to do on your free time? Love the outdoors, horse riding, riding 4 wheelers, going shooting, and hitting up amusement parks.

Are looking to get into TV Commercials, Music Videos or Movies?

If you have already please tell us a little something about your experience you have done and where viewers can find you?  Yes I am  I was in a music video few months back for Southland I enjoy it love it and down for more music videos.

If you can give any advice to any other girls looking to get into the modeling industry what advice would you give them?  You must have confidence in yourself 1st and you cannot let bitter people get to you because if you worry about others peoples negative you won’t make.

Now that we have made it official how does it feel to be an official Model for Steelo Magazine? I am very honor and i have been so excited it was so worth the trip to L.A thank you so much.

And what can the viewers expect to see from you next as a Steelo Model? Surprise, but you will be seeing a whole lot more of me.

And before we close out this interview would you like to leave us with a favorite quote of yours? Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable.

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few of our questions and I’m sure the viewers are looking forward to seeing what you have coming up next. And we are very happy and honored to have you as one of out beautiful Steelo Magazine Models..



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