Steelo Magazine Model – Johana B (1st Feature)


Steelo Magazine Model – Johana B in her 1st Feature as a Steelo Model

Photography by: Jesse Morin of Steelo Magazine.

You can now see Johana and her beautiful photos and even get to know a little bit about her with a few introduction questions below..

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Name – Johana Bautista 

Nickname –Johana_jlovee

Height –5’2″

Weight –142 lbs

Body Measurements – Breast 36D – Hips 36

Birthday & Sign – March 26 – Aries 

Favorite Foods – Steaks

Favorite Color – Red & White 

Eye color – Brown

Favorite Movies – The Mask – Man on Fire – Simba – Little rascals – Heat 

How much Modeling Experience do you have – 6 yrs experience
How did you get into Modeling – Since I was a little girl I loved taking pictures a friend introduced me to a photographer and it was history camera loves me and I love the camera  Favorite thing about Modeling – Being able to be who or what u want and be creative being able to smile without smiling being able to capture certain feelings and special moments . Memories 

Now that we have made it official how do you feel about representing and becoming a new model for Steelo Magazine – Excited to be able and create new opportunities

What can the viewers expect to see from you next as a new Steelo Model – Always creative and tasteful photo shoots 

What are your Hobbies – Love being a mom first spending time on our outside weekend trips or things we do with my girls I love to go to my boot camp session (Gym) just started this journey and I feel great I lalalove to just always look up at the sky and contemplate this beautiful world we live in so many things to be grateful for I am always talking to god always giving thanks it’s important to be thankful for even for the smallest things 

Any quote you like to give the viewers – God First*A women of God are Rare But we do EXIST* Live passionately No matter the Consequences* Always Love Genuinely  

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