Steelo Magazine Model – Jennifer Gonzalez (1st Sexy shoot)


Introducing you to Steelo’s newest beauty in her 1st photo shoot as a Steelo model.

She is the beautiful Jennifer Gonzalez, check out her photos below and  read a few introduction questions that we asked her. You can get to know a little bit more about this beauty..

Photography by: Jesse Morin of Steelo Magazine

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Name –  Jennifer Gonzalez

Nickname – Jenn

Height – 6’0

Weight – 165lbs

Body Measurements –Breast 36F – Waist 32 – Hips 38

Birthday & Sign – 07/22/1984 – Cancer

Favorite Foods – Sushi, Pizza, Tacos, Payees

Favorite Colors – Red black and pink

Eye color – Hazel

Favorite Movies  – Elf – Apoctolypto

What is your Modeling Experience – My first and last shoot was when I was 16.

How did you feel on the day of your 1st photo shoot – Nervous but I knew I could do this lol

How did you get into Modeling –  I take photos of other people myself and I wanted to be on the other side of the camera so I just went for it.

Favorite is your thing about Modeling – Feeling comfortable in my own skin.

It is now official How do you feel about representing and becoming a new model for Steelo Magazine – I’m very Excited.

What can the viewers expect to see from you in your up coming shoots as a Steelo Model- More playful fun shoots.

What are your Hobbies – I’m a jack of all trade type of girl. I like to do everything from cooking to crocheting. I love to buy and sell clothes and jewelry. I love to do hair and makeup. My biggest and most enjoyable hobby is to spend quality time with my family. Family is everything to me.

Any quote you like to give the viewers –If you believe in something or someone stick by your belief. There is a reason for everything, I firmly believe that..
jennifer-g-1st-shoot-45 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-163 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-191 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-11 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-122 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-226 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-25 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-137 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-255 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-75 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-119 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-204 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-29 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-151 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-225 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-82-2 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-116 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-210 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-44 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-227 jennifer-g-1st-shoot-49

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