Steelo Magazine Model – Hermeliza


Steelo Magazine would like to introduce you to our newest beauty.

We also have some questions for you to read and learn more about her with some beautiful photos as well.

She comes to you all the way from the state of Texas.

Steelo Model: Hermeliza



Age: 26 years old

Location: Cameron Texas

Birthday: May 21, 1991

Height: 5 feet tall

Weight: 98.4lbs

Body measurements: Breast-32B Waist-24 Hips-34

Color of your eyes: BROWN

Hair color: Light brown

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Can you tell us little bit about how you got into modeling and when did you get started in modeling? How long have you been modeling?: I started do modeling in 2012 when I was in the Philippines, at that time I got invited to a screening for cat walk for “MISS CALENDAR GIRL” and i got started with rehearsals when i won 3rd place, I felt like oh this is fun to do, It’s was not just a fun thing but you able to meet different people working with different models and it was such a nice first experience..

Since then I get more and more offers to be one of their models and be part of the group “Pinay Beauty” that they had. But as much as I love doing it I had better offers to work in the company and able to work overseas, So I stopped for awhile until 2014 came then I began to do more modeling for swimmers in Philippines, and told my self, you know what this makes me feel different and i enjoyed working with different people, it may be a good and bad experience but that is life.

And then i came here to Texas in 2016 continuing my modeling career with hopes to have more offers to come. I love modeling and being in front of the camera and love to work. When you love something you do then you should pursue it and see where it goes.

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What do you remember about your very first photo shoot experience and what it felt like being in front of the camera? I will not forget that moment, my heart was beating so fast my hands were cold and shaking, as I felt that probably that I am not doing the right poses and they may not like it. That’s what was on my mind. When I was done I got compliments after and I saw the photos that they took and said to myself “is that really me”? I never thought I could do it. But I learned that when you feel that way don’t be shy to ask for some helpful tips and to be open in every way possible.

What are some of the things you do to prepare for a photo shoot? Whenever I have shoots I make sure I got everything ready and together at least a couple days before the shoot. I like using my own stuff as much as possible and doing my own hair and makeup so it takes time to prepare myself and to always be sure that I’m on time for each photo shoot.

In your opinion what are some of the things that makes for a good model? To be a good model I think you should always polite and always consider what other people think or given you any advice from to those who may have more experience than you.

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How would you describe your style with the photos you have taken? For me it’s like I’m just playing dress up like I am looking at myself in the mirror and thinking what kind of style I should wear, Just BE YOU nothing more.

Is there a look or style you would like to capture and create on camera that you have never done before? I wanted to try the  highly fashion design/style, and something very sexy that I can’t even recognize my own self. Where I’m can tell to myself “you’re so damn hot”.

What do you do to keep our body in shape, do you have a daily routine of working out? Oh well this is kinda funny to answer because honestly I don’t do any type of workout, I would say that I’m very lucky to have the kind of body that doesn’t need to do any type workouts to maintain. Although I don’t have abs like others, hopefully when I’m not busy with other things I would really like to build up my abs.

When you first started getting into modeling did you have the support from your family? Yes I did, It is the best feeling ever to know that your loved ones are watching you and giving you the support and letting you know that you can do this.

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How do people respond to your work with the photos / images that you have created?  I have gotten so many compliments and it makes me feel happy that it motivates me to do more.

What has been your most memorable experience during the time you have been modeling? Because of the modeling I found my very loving and very best bff. (Philippines) she’s like a sister to me and found each other in modeling industry.

When it comes to the modeling industry where do you think you fit in best, high fashion modeling, commercial fashion, commercial modeling? I would say I can do any but sometimes it’s depends on the company and what they are looking for because not everyone will hire an Asian model or not someone who isn’t that tall like me, sometimes there are specific models they wanted for each photo shoot. But I love commercial fashion & commercial modeling.

Do you like doing indoors or outdoor shoots? I like both it just depending on what type of concepts/theme they want you to do, and also for me depending on the weather because personally I can’t take the cold weather even more so when I do shoots with less clothes, for the indoor shoots I always think want to be more comfy and easy to move around without any worries.

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Besides doing the modeling are looking to get into any TV Commercials, Music Videos or Movies? If you have already please tell us a little something about your experience you have done and where viewers can find you. I  have had experience doing some short video modeling, the kittens cigarette company is based in California, you’ll see my work on YouTube just to subscribe “dekester66” and find the name MAYUMI that was in the year of 2015.

Do you plan to do your own calendar, posters, or t’shirts anytime soon? And if you have any of them now, where can they be purchased? I don’t have anything right now, but I do hope to have some coming out sooner than later. You never know what the industry will bring to me.

Besides modeling is there any other talents that you have? I used to teach young kids at a school when I was in china, (English Major) I love kids and I also love to dance but I have not done any of that for the last couple of years.

When you’re not modeling what kind of activities or hobbies do you like to do? When I’m not working I love spending time with my little one, my only daughter, yes I’m proud to tell everyone that I am a mommy and she’s 11 months old right now. I like to take her to the mall whenever I get a chance and we watch movies, go shopping or just stay home playing in the house doing anything that I could do with her.

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What do you want to accomplish from this industry? I want to be able to get more published in different magazines and later on if there is a chance to be one of the playboy playmates. It’s just one of my biggest dreams and people will one day recognize me.

Now that it is official and you are now a steelo model, How does it feel to be apart of and represent the Steelo Magazine Models? I’m honored to be apart of Steelo and it feels AWESOME!

And what can viewers expect to see from you next as a steelo model? I can say to all of the viewers you will always be happy and satisfied with the output of my work that I will bring to you here with the help of steelo magazine.

If you can give any advice to any other girls looking to get into the modeling industry what would you give them? My best advice Is just be yourself if you love and desire to be part of this industry just know that it takes time, you have to stay positive and patient and do your very best every time.

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I thank you so much for this very awesome experience and best opportunity that has been given me to be apart of the steelo magazine corporation.

Truly yours: LHIZ


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