Steelo Magazine Model Felisa Skibicki (Black & White Implied Vintage shoot)


Steelo Magazine Model Felisa Skibicki (Black & White Implied Vintage shoot)

Steelo Magazine would like to introduce to you this beautiful and sexy model and you will see in our first shoot together how we captured a vintage look in our black and white photo shoot.

Photography by: Jesse Morin of Steelo Magazine Photography.

Felisa Skibicki (LadySnakeJuice)

Age – 36

Birthday – 6/27/83

Birth Sign – Cancer

Height – 5’4

Weight – 110lbs

Eye Color – Brown

Body Measurements – Breast 32 A – Waist 25 – Hips 31.

Favorite Foods – I love all foods accept anything to do with exotic foods like bats or bugs, In short Sushi….

Favorite Type of Music – I’m a musician so I’m pretty open to all music. Some of my top favorites are: dream pop, trap, EDM and alternative music.

Favorite Movies – I like movies that are well written. I’m definitely a sucker for scary movies though. Slow burn movies and horror flicks forever!

What the viewers going to see in this photo shoot? – The shots we did were inspired by vintage vinyl and analog gear. I wore a wig during this shoot to get the big hair look like the cult classic Barbarella; except she’s blonde and my wig is brunette.

When you’re not in front of the camera what types of things do you like to do? – I’m half polish so I’m gypsy at heart. I like to travel and meet new people. Life’s too short to not expand your horizons and take leaps of faith.

How much modeling experience do you have? – I use to model for an art school awhile back, which sounds easy but imagine holding the same position for 8 hours a day 3 days a week. 5 years ago I started modeling for my own company LadysnakeJuice. Since then Ive worked with a variety of photographers and companies promoting different products as well as music videos.

What type of modeling style would you say you have? – I would have to say that in the past I’ve been somewhat edgy in my approach to modeling. I like to keep it classy but the best part of modeling for me is that you create a story with your posses and set. I’m always collecting props or looking for the next idea/location for a shoot.

What are your favorite types of shoots you like doing? – I really like traveling to interesting places to shoot. The beginning of 2019 I shot a music video as well as did a photo shoot near the border in an abandoned train covered in graffiti. I was deathly sick the entire time unfortunately; canceling projects is not something I’m fond of doing.

What can the viewers expect to see from you in your next photo shoot with Steelo Magazine? – We’ll be doing a photo shoot with a candy theme, I’m hoping that we’ll work with another model and do a food fight like the 1991 flick Peter Pan. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have a special quote you would like to give the viewers?
 How is it easy for you to be kind to people? He asked
Milk and honey dripped from my lips as I answered Because people have not been kind to me -RUPI KAUR.

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