Steelo Magazine Model – Elizabeth Rivera (Interview)



We would like to introduce you to our newest Steelo Model all the way from Texas she is the beautiful Elizabeth Rivera..

You can read more about Elizabeth in her interview questions and answers below..

Photography By: Henry Singleton of Steelo Magazine (Texas).


Can you please introduce your self, give us your name and where you are located from?

Hi my name is Elizabeth Rivera aka west TX and I’m from Converse TX outside of San Antonio TX

Give us a little bit more info about yourself. What is your birthday and birth sign?

My birthday is August 8 an I’m a Leo.

And my body measurements are 43 – 35 -45. and I am 5′ 5”

When did you start modeling?

I started modeling when I moved to San Antonio I met a friend that got me into it.

What made you want to get into becoming a model?

It’s always been my dream to become a model .

When you began to model did you have the support from your family and friends?

My family an friends always told me to follow my dreams an my heart .

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And was there anyone who inspired you as you began your modeling career? (If yes please tell us who and what was it that inspired you about that person?)

The person that inspired me was Jennifer Lopez she is a beautiful loyal independent women that goes for what she wants an never give up on what she wants in life. She is the reason I got into modeling.

Do you remember your first photo shoot and what it felt like being in front of the camera?

My first photo shoot was at a high Inn bar here in San Antonio it was for charity event an I wasn’t shy about it at all .

Now having more experience in front of the camera does it come more natural to you?

Doing photo shoots does comes natural for me, Yes.

Do you take the time to practice different poses and facial expressions in front of the mirror?

Do I practice on impression in front of the mirror yes I do sometimes or I’m doing them when I’m driving lol.

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Can you tell us what you do to prepare for your photo shoots?

What I do to prepare for my shoot is take a deep breath in out an pray to God everything goes well an drink wine.

Looking at your photos it seems that you have been very creative with styles that you have brought in front of the camera. Do you have a favorite look or style that you like to do?

I try to be creative an bring unique styles to the table an my favorite picture is the sombrero look very sexy classy dangerous.

steelomagazine_elizabethmarie-18 steelomagazine_elizabethmarie-14

Have you done more indoor studio shoots or outdoor shoot in different locations?

I have done both indoor an outdoor photo shoots in different locations in San Antonio love different scenery.

How do you feel about modeling doing body enhancements like boob jobs, tummy tucks and booty injections?  And have you had any work done yourself?

I love modeling . But I would not get any work done I’m beautiful the way I am .

Are looking to get into TV Commercials, Music Videos or Movies?

If you have already please tell us a little something about your experience you have done and where viewers can find you.

I would luv to do more music videos I did one along time ago with a tejano star but couldn’t remember the name of song. An would luv to do commercial an movie.

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Besides modeling is there any other talents that you have? (If so please share with us)

Um well I’m a nurse aide an I work in a nursing home an I luv doing crafts an writing quotes.

Do you plan to do your own calendar, posters, or t’shirts anytime soon?

Yes I’m planing on doing  my own Posters,  T-shirt’s and Calender’s to start selling them.

steelomagazine_elizabethmarie-5 steelomagazine_elizabethmarie-16

Now that it is official how does it feel to represent and be an official model for Steelo Magazine? (What do you plan to bring to the team of beauties?)

I’m very excited and thankful to represent Steelo Magazine, and I would be a great role model to other models.

Do you have any words or advise to those looking to get started in modeling?

To follow your dreams an never give up.

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Now on behalf of Steelo Magazine we like to welcome you to our Steelo family as one of our beautiful models, And we would like to thank you for taking the time to answer a few of our questions that we can share with our viewers and we look forward to more seeing more beautiful images of you and the things you have coming up next..


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