Steelo Magazine Model – Brittany B (1st feature)


Steelo Magazine Model – Brittany B

In her Sexy – Classy – Naughty Shoot..

Photography by: Jesse Morin of Steelo Magazine

This is Brittany’s 1st photo shoot as a Steelo Magazine model and her 1st feature as well.

With more photo shoots coming real soon showing you her many different looks and styles so be on the lookout for her because Brittany has some new things coming for you soon..

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Name – Britanny Bakerink

Nickname – PrittyBritty

Age – 31 years Young!

Location – Inland Empire

Birth date and Sign – 7/7/87

Height – 5″1

Weight –118 lbs

Body Measurements – 34-C size 5 pants small-medium shirts

Hair Color – Rose gold

What Color of your Eyes – Blue
Now for our first question can you tell us how long have you been modeling for?
When I  was younger my parents put me through modeling with a contract & Photo shoots, but they told me I was too short so I went to acting but always had a passion for Modeling!!
Its been awhile so I’m getting back into it and CHASING my dreams FULL Throttle!
How did you get started in modeling?
I always admired self love, and besides who doesn’t like to look beautiful & have their beauty admired?
Now just to get to know you a little bit more we would like to ask you a few more questions.
What is your favorite type of food –
Mexican food #AllDay
What is your favorite color –
Turquoise, and it brings out my eyes as well.
What kind of music do you like –
Depends on the mood really, during my Photo shoots I like hip hop gets me in a good mood ready to take pictures lol, when I’m i like driving 90’s R&B, and sometimes Alternative and most definitely Reggaeton to dance to as well!
Do you have a favorite day or time of the year – Summer for sure, and my Birthday is July 7th and I’m such a big ol kid so i like to go all out for my Birthday!!
What are you favorite movies –
Romantic movies, and COMEDIES I’m a goofball at heart!
What are your hobbies –
Dancing, Swimming, and being a good person and mommy to my 3 beautiful kids.
Favorite thing about Modeling –
Self LOVE, Confidence booster, and NETWORKING!!
Now that it is official How do you feel about representing and becoming a new model for Steelo Magazine –
I’m ready to go, and I’m very Excited!!
What can we expect to see from you in your up coming photo shoots as a Steelo Model – 
DIFFERENT styles and i will be a great asset to this team because aside from my beauty I have common sense which is rare these days, and when I am sent somewhere that is high profile I won’t act like a groupie and will be professional yet make sure its a fun shoot no matter the circumstances.
I’m ready to go above and beyond as long as I see & experience opportunities then I’m game and were going to EAT AS A TEAM..

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