Steelo Magazine – Holiday and New Year – Online Publication with Model Micah Soto Holtz


Steelo Magazine is featuring another beauty on our online digital publication for the December 2023 and January 2024 months. As she shares with you a few Holiday photos in her sexy lingerie. We also ask the beautiful Micah some fun holiday questions so let’s see what she has to say…

Age – 29

Birthdate – July 29 1994

Zodiac Sign – Leo

Height – 5’7”

Weight – 135 lbs

Eye Color – Grey

Body Measurements – Breast 36 – Waist 27 – Hips 36

Ethnicity – Native American

Location – Oceanside, CA

Years of Modeling Experience – 1 year

Micah’s Instagram – @Miiicaaah.xo

Photography by – Justin Miller

Justin Miller’s Instagram –  @miller.spec.media2

Now in your Christmas photos what are the viewers going to see from you?

Viewers will see my take on my own unique style that represents my personality and attitude.

Santa wants to know, have been naughty or nice this year? And please tell us how naughty or nice you’ve been.

Why can’t I be both?

What are your 3 favorite things that you like about Christmas?

Spending time with family, driving around neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights, and bundling up with my hubby, watching movies and drinking hot cocoa.

Now you’re sitting on Santa’s lap, what are you going to ask him for Christmas this year?

To make 2024 MY year.

Would you rather stay at home with your partner having a romantic time in front of the fireplace or at hot and sexy lingerie Christmas party?

I looooove staying in and getting cozy so some romance by the fireplace would be ideal.

What has been the best gift you’ve gotten for Christmas, and who gave it to you?

The gift of life today. I thank God for the gift of life, the beauty of nature, and the many opportunities to learn, grow and serve.

And what has been the best gift you have ever given to someone, and who was that person?

There is a local gentleman, who is an addict and homeless, that my husband and I were able to create a friendship with. We have been able to gift him supplies to stay warm, necessities for everyday living and survival, and dog food for his pitbull that is so sweet and he cares so much for. He is beyond grateful and appreciative.

Who are you hoping to catch under the mistletoe for that special kiss?

My hunk of a husband.

Besides the traditional milk and cookies, what would you want to leave for Santa so he can leave you something good for Christmas? This answer can be something Naughty or Nice.

I would leave Santa a sexy photo album of me reminding him how much of a blessing I am.

Now that this year is almost over, what are you looking forward to in the new year of 2024?

My biggest goal in 2024 is to stop playing with my own potential. The comeback is personal; an apology to myself for putting up with shit I didn’t deserve. I owe myself a lot.

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