Steelo Magazine – February 2024 Valentines Publication – Gladys Elena Pintado


We have a beauty getting her first feature here on Steelo Magazine with our online digital publication for the Valentine’s theme for the February 2024 month.

So let’s get to know a lil more about Gladys as we ask her some of our fun Valentine’s questions as she tells us about some of her Valentine’s experiences…

Age – 47

Birthdate – 10/25/1977

Zodiac Sign – Scorpio

Height – 5’7”

Weight – 190 lbs

Eye Color – Brown

Body Measurements – Breast 36B – Waist 36 – Hips 75

Ethnicity – Latina

Location – City, State – Victorville, CA

Years of Modeling Experience – Zero

Click here for Gladys Instagram – @Gladysaurus77

Name of Photographer – John Waren

Before we get started can you tell us what the viewers are going to be seeing with you and your photos for our HOT and SEXY Valentine’s Day theme this year?

It’s my boudoir photo shoot. Wanted to show myself that I’m beautiful and sexy as I’m getting close to 50.

What are some of the romantic things you like to do for that special someone on Valentine’s Day?

Dress up, cook his favorite dinner, or go to a favorite restaurant, help him relax, enjoy a great dessert and drink. The rest is up to him.

Can you tell us about your most memorable Valentine’s Day you have ever had with someone?

A trip to Ensenada. Beautiful hotel, great restaurants and a day spa.

Are you the kind of woman who likes to spoil their partner or do you like to be the one getting spoiled by your partner on Valentine’s Day?

I believe it should be mutual. Both deserve to be pampered. Both work everyday to make the relationship work, so both need to pamper each other on a special day.

In your mind what would be the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day and it could be anything you want to do?  Give good details…

My perfect valentine would be a great trip to Bali. Yes, it’s a little extravagant but it’s something that both can enjoy. By exploring, new beaches and waterfalls and places to eat. And just experience itself will be memorable.

You come home from work and your partner has 2 gifts for you but you have to choose just 1. The first gift is a beautiful evening dress with a limo ride to a fine dinning restaurant for a romantic dinner or the second gift is a very sexy lingerie out with rose petals that lead to the bedroom where a room full of candles, roses, chocolates, whipped cream and your favorite love making songs are playing, which one do you choose and why?

I would choose a sexy lingerie with the rose petals. Restaurants are usually full And I’m sure you can always dress up and have a limo ride to any restaurant without having to wait the extra hours or Or have the overworked servers and cooks because of the Special busy day called Valentine’s Day.

What would you be looking forward more, a nice long hot and sexy shower or a warm romantic bubble bath that you and your partner can be in together?

The bubble bath.

Do you have any special fantasies that you would like to make to life with your partner this year on Valentine’s Day?

A nice boat trip by ourselves.

You have a basket with whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup and a bottle of wine. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to these things?

Fun time!!! Where? Any room in the house!

Do you have any special Valentine’s Day words you would like to share with our viewers seeing your hot and sexy Valentine’s publication?

Give love to everyone. Not just your partner but everyone deserves it. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, but for friends, family, co workers and even giving a stranger a “Happy Valentines”.

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