Model Victoria Wysocki Wilson – Christmas feature


Model Victoria is getting her 1st feature here on Steelo Magazine and what better way to showcase her. So here she is in her sexy lil Christmas outfits as she celebrates the month of December in her Christmas feature.

We also ask Victoria some fun Christmas questions and a few questions to get to know a lil bit more about her. So let’s get started by asking her our first set of questions.

Age – 29

Birth Date – 08/23/1992


Height – 4”11 3/4 (not quite 5 feet)

Weight – 121 lbs

Eye Color – Dark Brown

Ethnicity – White (Polish and Italian)

Location City / State – Lewiston, ME

Instagram – @Muhbeautamiss

Photography by – Nathan Everette Payne 

Instagram – @dr_e_payne


For this year’s Christmas issue can you describe to the readers what they will be seeing in your Christmas shoot / photos?

In this year’s 2021Christmas Shoot… you will see a few different versions of what I have to offer!!

Some say may sweet side captures them like the sweet sequelent innocent looking soul that I am, but the sexy side of myself shows that my experiences in life can play me out to be the teacher instead.

Careful hunny!! The snow may melt in this direction.

Since we all have been living life through this crazy pandemic how will you and your family be celebrating the Christmas Holiday this year?

This year I am actually very excited to spend this year specifically with just my two children and Myself. Waking up on Christmas morning, drinking hot cocoa, listening to their joyous laughter, while listening to jolly tunes of Christmas music for the holidays.

Even though I hate the cold, I will also be enjoying the hopefully white outdoors, that the snow will bring us this year. 

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

My favorite thing about Christmas is the spiritual energy I feel radiating from one another as they stress themselves silly to buy gifts for one another. I thoroughly enjoy making others smile but every year do we always strive to find that perfect gift for someone!!!

Sometimes we SUCCEED!!

Sometimes we FAIL!!

To find that perfect gift though is so rewarding, so satisfying and heartfelt to just be able to give it to someone. 

As we were lil kids we would go to the mall and tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas, Now what would you be telling Santa that you wanted this year for Christmas?

If I had the chance to sit on Santa’s jolly lap again, I would surely be asking him to bring me ALL THE “TOYS” IN THE WORLD. O yes in that great big bag of his. With his big strong muscles that he has worked O SO HARD for. I wouldn’t mind sifting through that bag of his to find out if there is many of the ones I seek. Big or small, of all colors “imaginable”. 

JUST KIDDING ALL YOU DIRTY MINDS OUT THERE! C’mon, I live in Maine! Who wouldn’t want a Season Pass to one of the coolest and snowiest mountains around in these parts. I surely love skiing!

What has been the best gift you have ever received as a child or adult?

Honestly, the best gift I have gotten was not too long ago!

Just about two years ago now did I have a chance to jump out of a plane as a gift. I very much enjoyed it actually because I am ABSOLUTELY PURELY afraid of heights. And something that everyone knows about me is that I am all about facing fears. So to have that chance meant so much to me.

Although I did jump out of a plane, I do not feel I have completely faced my fears unfortunately….. The feeling was WILD and BIZARRE. But not once did I ever feel afraid or receive that FLIPPY feeling in my stomach. Yet here I am still afraid of heights. 

What has been the best gift you have ever given to someone and who was it?

The best gift I have ever given to someone was a car. Now don’t be mistaken when reading that. The situation and circumstances are not what you may think. So I will explain. 

My daughter is 5 years old and I am not with her father. I left him many years ago and we have gone through an extreme amount over the years to come to the co-parenting relationship that we have with one another. Last year, he lost his home where he would have all of his kids over on the weekends. I helped move him out and worked with him the best I could with his situation. He became homeless but continued to work. Not too long had passed before his truck died and he had no way to get to work. He is a professional country wide mover. I needed him to continue doing good to make sure he was better and there for the children. 

So in turn, I gifted him one of my used vehicles, my primary, and I transitioned into another. 

Who would be the one special person you would like to share a kiss under the mistletoe? 

OK so if I could share I kiss under the mistletoe with someone, it would most certainly be PAUL WALKER….

Ever since I was a little girl I have had such a soft spot for this guy. I know many do but usually others do because of all the “FAST AND THE FURIOUS” movies. 

My reason is not that. 

My reason is from one of my favorite movies he stars in, “INTO THE BLUE”. Along with one of my favorite actresses, Jessica Alba. 

As kids we would leave milk and cookies so Santa would leave us good gifts. 

What will you be leaving out for Santa this year so he gives you something nice for Christmas?

I would like to do something different this year with my children. It is always milk and cookies. Doesn’t he ever get sick of eating the same thing over and over again? OR FULL!!

Instead of milk and cookies this year like my children do every year, why not put those cookies cutters away and bring out some muffin trays instead. Still something easy for parents and children to do together, with no time at all. Instead of heavy milk. Why not some nice warm tea? He must be so cold being outside in the sky flying around, thinking of everyone else. And tea is surely delicious to wash down those moist muffins with. Something new maybe! Don’t knock it till you try it!

When it comes to decorating the house for Christmas, how much do you like to decorate, do you go all out doing the whole house or just a tree with some lights?

Now this is a difficult question for me. No I do not just do Christmas tree and lights. Yes I do decorate the house all the way around. Although I certainly wish I could do so much within the house while also someday being able to spruce out the outside too. I am a little on the short side if you haven’t noticed. So just about everything is way over my head compared to others. Makes things a bit more difficult on my side. 

What are some of the fun Christmas games you and your family play?

My month of December consists USUALLY of many many different Christmas parties. COVID has changed things drastically in our lives for the holidays. It hasn’t been quite the same but we are making do. Taking positives out of negatives, and rolling with it, as I say! 

Although, on the norm, there is a big family get together we have that consists of many different types of CENTERS as i like to call them. Different games and activities for children and adults of all ages spread throughout a hall we usually rent out. 

Some of the games that we play are as simple as guessing candies in jars and the routine chinese auctions that most are use too. At our Christmas party we have a table specialized for decorating specialized cookies for Santa. We have a fishing for presents game for the young ones. We take a sand box and stuff them with a bunch of small wrapped gifts that the kids use the small kid fishing poles for. A little loop placed on each one meant for easy retrieval and fun experiences. We have the balloon animal making section and coloring or even dress up dependant on the interests at hand. Football would always be on and lottery tickets would be passed out to everyone in the family. They always love to test their luck! What better way to do so then when surrounded by the love and support of others. Also to rub it in faces if you win over the other…

Every year people always have Christmas parties and they dress up in nice clothes. If you got invited to a nice Christmas Party at a mansion, what would you be wearing to this party?

I absolutely love this question because if you haven’t noticed I very much enjoy dressing up. LET ME CORRECT myself, I overly enjoy dressing up, The only question this doesn’t specify is exactly what type of party this is, at this mansion. 

I can always dress up accordingly or have things on hand if I need to switch it up. 

I am very good at that. I can surely be naughty OR nice! 

Is there a Christmas message you would like to give to all the viewers out there reading this?

The best gift all my delightful readers could possibly give me, would be to smile more with the holidays coming. To spend some time doing something you personally love. That makes you happy. To practice some self-love a little. Because everyone of you are WORTH IT. 

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