Model Victoria Rivera (Interview)


Steelo Magazine Interview with model Victoria Rivera..

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you.

Hello my name is Victoria Rivera I’m 24 yrs old from San Antonio TX.

I am 5’5” tall – 160lbs  with Light brown eyes,  and Dark Brown hair.

Thank you Victoria, now let’s get into some interview questions so the people can get to know little more about you.

How many years of modeling experience do you have?

 I only have 1 year of modeling experience.

What or who was it that inspired you to get into modeling?

 I have always wanted to be on film/camera and modeling is a way for me to get to know myself better as far as how I look or am portrayed on camera and modeling is a fun way to express my creativity.

Is there a certain look or style you would like to do that you haven’t done yet?

 I would like to do more fashion photography and to potentially have a fashion/style blog.

There is so much competition when it comes to modeling, Have you ever had to deal with any negativity with any other models during shoots or events?

 Yes, mostly the models I have met are supportive and motivational but sometimes people can be competitive. The only negativity I have dealt with is being criticized for my weight but I just shrug it off because even though I look different from typical “models” I believe my look makes me unique.

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When you first were getting into modeling did you have the support from your family and friends? Or was there someone against it?

 I received mostly criticism for modeling, old friends would say that I was going to fail but the photographers I have worked with have been reassuring and helpful and I have also received support from new friends that I have met through modeling.

Besides modeling is there any other talents that you have?

 I don’t have any talents however I love acting and would like to get more involved in acting.

What’s your most memorable experience?

 My most memorable experience would have to be a recent one where I was the model for a talented local artist who filmed a makeup tutorial on me for Univision TV.

Do you have a favorite photo that is most popular with your fans?

 Yes I have a photo from a pool shoot I did this past summer.

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What do you like doing more? Photo shoots with cars in the car club scene or at different locations? Like indoors or other outdoor locations? 

 I enjoy shooting outdoors and in studio. I have not yet dabbled in the “club scene”

Where do you think you fit in more when it comes to the modeling industry, high fashion modeling, commercial fashion, commercial modeling?? Explain why.

 I think I currently fit in well with commercial modeling however I believe I have the diversity to work in all categories in the modeling industry including high fashion.

Do you have a daily workout routine that you do to stay in shape?

 I do Pilates weekly, and enjoy bike riding and running. I like to dance for exercise as well, anything that takes me out of the gym.

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Are looking to get into TV Commercials, Music Videos or Movies?

If you have already, please tell us a little something about your experience you have done and where viewers can find you.

 I would love to start doing tv commercials as well as music videos and work my way up to movies. It would be my dream to work in film such as movies or tv. The only experience I have on tv was when I was modeling for a local makeup artist for Univision.

If you can give any advice to any other girls looking to get into the modeling industry what would you give them?

I would tell them to find what makes them unique or different and work it! A lot of times we want to hide our flaws to fit into a cookie cutter image that we think we need to fit into however our flaws can be what draws people to you and makes you stand out.

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Thank you Victoria for taking the time to do this interview we look forward to seeing what you have coming in the new 2017.

Steelo Magazine..


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