Model – Marie Wright (Introduction feature)


Steelo Magazine is here to introduce a new feature on our online digital publication, this model comes from Kansas City and is getting featured on Steelo Magazine for her very first time..

So let’s get this going and get to know about this new model..

Hello my name is Marie Wright, I am 23 years old, my birth month is in February and i am an Aquarius.

I am 5 feet 6 inches tall. I weight 120 lbs with Green eyes, my natural hair color is blonde but for now i am a redhead.

My body measurements are, 32DD Breast, 24 inch Waist, and 36 inch Hips.

I am located in Kansas City.

All Photographers Credits go to these 3 photographers below.

Tyler McDaniel @tylermacphotography 

Javier Gallegos @alexamdesign

Luis Armendariz @luis_fidel

So now let get into this with a few questions and our first question is.

How much modeling experience do you have and when did you first get started doing modeling?

A little over a year ago, last fall. 

What do you remember about your very first photo shoot you ever did, how was that day and experience?

It was with my best friend kylee and I loved it, made me feel so much more extroverted compared to my normally shy self. I loved being outside in my city and capturing moments with my best friend. 

How have you seen yourself improve since you first started modeling?

Yes, most definitely my range has improved and I feel more versatile with my modeling career. Also, I have been published numerous times which was an early goal. 

What type of style of modeling would you say you do? Can you describe to us what we would be seeing in your photos?

I love boudoir and pinup. I have a lot of versatility when it comes to my portfolio but boudoir is definitely my favorite style of modeling or implied nudes. 

A lot of girls think that it is so easy to get into modeling by jumping in front of a camera and taking photos, How much work did you put in to get yourself started and who gave you your first opportunity?

Definitely a lot of practice and work in front of the mirror studying my angles for my particular eastern European facial features as well as making my natural body work for me. I have taking runway and posing classes as well. 

When a model and photographer get together for a photo shoot they create art, how do you show your creation of art when it comes to doing your very sexy implied / nude shoots?

It depends on the creative direction of the shoot, sometimes it depends on the use of lighting, the wardrobe and the artistic direction of the shoot. I always just try to maintain an element of class and creativity during nude and implied shoots. 

Is there a certain style of shoot that you are looking to do that you haven’t done before?

Definitely a body paint shoot! I’ve just been getting into cosplay a lot.

What type of different concept shoots have you done before?



Portrait work 

Fitness photography 


Fetish erotic


And what are some of the new things you got coming up that the viewers can look forward to seeing from you?

I will have a lot of upcoming cosplay to look forward to.

Tell us where can the viewers follow you on social media?

IG @princessmarie9513 

Tiaraashlee2019 on Snapchat 

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