Model Jenny Quijano – Christmas feature


Steelo Magazine featuring for the first time the beautiful Model Jenny Quijano for our sexy Christmas theme.

Be sure to stay tuned because this beauty will e coming back again soon.

So here you go let’s get to know this beauty a lil more and see what has for our Christmas special..

Name – Jenny Quijano  @JennyQuijanoG 

Age – 28 years

Birth date – 11-15-1992

Birth sign – Scorpio

Eye color – Blacks

Height – 5’3 – 1.62 Meters

Weight – 125 lbs – 57 Kgs

Body Measurements –

Breast 36 – Waist 24 – Hips 40

92-62-102 Centimeters

Ethnicity –Venezuelan

Location – Caracas Venezuela

This is looking to be a Hot, Sexy and Naughty Christmas issue, How Hot, Sexy and Naughty are you going to make it with your photos? Describe what the viewers will see.

 The best Christmas chocolates always have a nice and elegant wrapper like me … What do you think?

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

Surprises … I love surprises.

When it comes to being Naughty or Nice, how Naughty or Nice have you been this year? Please tell us.

 I’m really very naughty in private but a whole little Angel in front of the boys … 90% Naughty 10% Angel.

If you were sitting on Santa’s lap what would you tell him that you want this year for Christmas? (And ladies it can be anything)

 Many adult toys to play alone or with someone …

What has been the best Christmas gift you ever received?

 This sexy Santa outfit with Chocolates and Hahahaha …

Are you someone who is more of a giver or more of a receiver when it comes to giving or receiving something from that special someone in your life?

 I love to give … But I am attentive to receive …

The Christmas tradition is to kiss under the mistletoe. If you could change that tradition what would you like to do under the mistletoe besides kiss someone?

 Make love … so that my wishes are fulfilled …

As kids we would leave milk and cookies so Santa would leave us good gifts.

Now as an adult woman what will you be leaving out for Santa this year so he gives you something nice for Christmas? 

 My Panties … Hahahahaha

When it comes to decorating the house for Christmas how much do you like to decorate, do you go all out doing the whole house or just a tree with some lights?

 I decorate the whole house …

Every year people always have Christmas parties and they dress up in some nice clothes. How would you like to go to a HOT, SEXY and NAUGHTY Christmas lingerie party like they would have at the playboy mansion?  And what would you be wearing at his party? (Let’s give a good description)

 I would like to wear only a tiny red bikini, Santa Claus hat, White Boots and Topless ..

Now for this final question. Is there anything you want to say to all the viewers out there reading this? IT CAN BE SOMETHING NAUGHTY OR NICE.

I wish, that all the guys wish me as a Christmas present. Hahahahaha



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