Model – Irma M ”Christmas Holiday Shoot”


Steelo Magazine is here to introduce you to Irma Martinez in her first photo shoot with Steelo Magazine.

In the Christmas spirit Irma puts on a few of her sexy outfits just for you viewers.


Photography by: J.Morin of Steelo Magazine..


Name –  Irma Martinez
Nickname – Mimi, my queen
Height – 5’4
Weight – 140lbs
Body Measurements – Breast 38 – Waist 34 – Hips 42
Birthday & Sign – 4/17 Aries
Favorite Foods – Sushi
Favorite Color – Silver and Black, Purple
Eye color – Depends on the mood I’m in, but mostly brown
Favorite Movie – Dirty Dancing, Zoot Suit, The Wonders
What is your Modeling Experience – I have done some runway modeling as a teenager, photo-shoots for clothing lines and car events as well as pin up.
How did you get into Modeling – When I was a teenager I looked up to my idol Cyndi Crawford and loved doing runway.
Favorite thing about Modeling – Working with a great crew meaning great photographers
Hobbies – Modeling, Dancing, Bowling, Playing pool, But most of all spending time with my five children (family) when they’re back from school break or the holidays
Any quote you like to give the viewers – “I live to succeed, not to please you or anyone else” by the one and only my other idol Marilyn Monroe.

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