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I would like to introduce you to this Canadian beauty that we are featuring with a interview and beautiful photos of her amazing work that she has done.

You can read her interview and see her photos below..

Photography Credits.
Photographer: Mark Wong

Instagram: @yaamon


Hello, Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Name: Djazel

Age: 28

Location: Toronto, ON

Birth date: July 18, 1989

Horoscope: Cancer

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 110lbs.

Body Measurements: 32B, 26, 32

Hair Color: Brunette

Now for our first question can you tell us how long have you been modelling for?
I’ve been modelling for a little over two years.

When did you get started modelling?
I started modelling in January or February 2016.

What was it about modelling that caught your interest and inspired you to get into modelling?

What originally got me into modelling was actually music. I was experimenting as a musician and when I realized how saturated the market really was, I figured I had to start acting and modelling to not only set myself apart from other artists but also to increase my comfort level in front of the camera and build my overall confidence. My very first shoot didn’t even really go all that well to be honest, the photos were mediocre at best, but I guess that’s why I kept trying. I was like ‘I can do better than this’, and I did, I increasingly got better every time I modeled. I’d look at all the proofs to see what I did right and add it to my arsenal or see what I did wrong and work on it. Then of course, I started looking at other models, their poses, facial expressions, clothing (or lack thereof), accessories, makeup etc. and they inspired me as well. Ultimately though, I fell in love with modelling because it gave me control, creative freedom, freedom of expression, empowerment, and confidence.

Was there someone that you looked up to that inspired you with the work they have done in their modelling career?

When I first started modelling, I didn’t even really know of many models other than one or two top runway models. I think the only glamour/nude model I really knew of at the time was Pamela Anderson because I grew up watching Baywatch. The fact that she’s a Canadian playmate is a huge inspiration to me because one of my goals is to be published by Playboy.

Can you remember back to your first photo shoot and tell us about your first experience and how you felt getting in front of the camera?
I felt super awkward getting in front of the camera on my first photo shoot. I didn’t know how to pose, I didn’t know how to work my facial expressions, even my wardrobe selection was questionable because I had no idea what was flattering or not. It was definitely a learning experience!

I can see that you have a lot of different types of photos, is there a certain type or style that you really like to do?
I feel like I’m most comfortable doing anything glamour-related, so that includes lingerie, swimwear, implied, topless and nude but I do also enjoy creative editorial-type photo shoots as well.

In some of your photos you can see that you are very comfortable with your body with some of the sexy implied nudity shots you have done. What kind of reaction do you get from most of the viewers that have seen your photos?
I get a lot of “Oh my gosh!”, “That’s you?!”, and “Has your mom seen these?”

I believe that modelling is a form of art. What are some of the ways you have created different styles of art with your body? 

Modelling is a form of art! One of the ways I use my body to create art is by creating atypical shapes with my body when I pose for artistic nude-type photo shoots. I say “atypical” because the way I pose for artistic-nude is completely different from how I pose for glamour. Another noteworthy way I’ve used my body to create art was when I shot a concept where the photographer took a portrait of me and then projected that image onto my nude body. It was completely different than anything I had seen or done before so it was a lot of fun for me and it was a cool process.

Have you ever done any body painting shoots or anything with different types of costumes?  

So far, I’ve done one body painting shoot. I haven’t shot in any costumes yet but I’ve worn some pretty wicked costumes for night club events that I’ve worked at in Toronto.

What are some of the things that you do to prepare yourself before each photo shoot?
The first thing I do is my facial routine (cleanse, tone and moisturize) to make sure that my face is properly prepped so that the makeup sits well and looks good on camera. Next, I brush my teeth and floss because bad breath and food debris from breakfast is not cute. Finally, I do my makeup, and lastly, my hair, all while jamming out to my latest playlist.

What are the things you do to keep your body in the shape that it is in?

I try to eat all organic foods and stay far away from GMOs! I cut back on my soda intake, but if I do really want a soda, I try to have a clear soda like Sprite, or I’ll satisfy my craving for something fizzy by drinking sparkling water instead. I try to drink as much water as possible too, I normally have a lemon water in the morning (with my Cali Girl Cleanse of course) before my coffee, and then I’ll drink water for the rest of the day. I’ve cut back my dairy and meat intake as well. At the moment, I’ve been pretty inconsistent with maintaining a regular gym schedule but I’m trying to slowly get back into it.

What’s your most memorable modelling experience?
There are a lot of memorable moments so it’s hard to choose, but one of them would definitely be when I worked with Glamzilla. I sat in her chair, she started working on me with body paint, asked how I was and proceeded to pull the strap of my top down exposing my breasts before I even got my response out and I was like “well shit, at least you asked me how I was before stripping me down” – it was hilarious, we died!

In your opinion what are some of the things that make for a good model?

In my opinion, some of the things that make for a good model are good communication skills, listening skills, being able to take direction, punctuality, humility and creativity.

When you started modelling did you have the support from your family or was anyone against it?

My family was confused and unsure but they were still supportive.

Where do you think you fit in more when it comes to the modelling industry, high fashion modelling, commercial fashion, commercial modelling? Explain why.

I’m definitely not high fashion because I’m not tall enough by industry’s standards, and I wouldn’t say I’m commercial fashion because very rarely do I shoot fashion-type content. I think I fit in more to the commercial modelling category because I shoot more lifestyle content compared to fashion, and I have the ability to act out different scenarios or emotions which is why I’m so versatile.

What do you like doing more indoor shoots or outdoor locations? 

It depends! If it’s cold out, I prefer shooting indoors, but if it’s nice out, the outdoors wins! I love shooting outdoors when the weather is nice, but I can’t stand shooting outdoors in anything below 10 degrees. I just don’t do well in the cold and it’s not easy to look cute when you’re freezing your ass off.

Do you have a favorite photo that is most popular with your viewers / fans?

There are quite a few “most popular” photos with my viewers/fans, and not surprisingly, almost all of them are booty shots!

Are there any plans for you to make your calendar, posters or t-shirts?  Or if you do have any of those products do you have somewhere they can be purchased?

There are plans to relaunch my store online with different kinds of merchandise and uncensored sets, I just have details to iron out, but my goal is to have everything up and running by the end of this year, hopefully sooner.

Besides modelling is there any other talents that you have that nobody knows about?

Music and writing!

What type of things do you like to do on your free time?

Honestly, free time isn’t something that I get very much of but when I do get some free time to myself, I enjoy going for long walks by the lake, curling up with a good novel, or binge-watching the newest season of one of my favorite TV series.

Are you looking to get into TV Commercials, Music Videos or Movies?

I’ve done several music videos, and loved it so I’d definitely want to do more, and I am also looking to further my acting experience by getting into TV commercials and movies.

If you have already please tell us a little something about your experience you have done and where viewers can find you?

This is top secret information but, I’m expecting a feature spread in one of the international Playboys for the month of June so stay tuned for that! I’ll be making the announcement on my social media when the issue drops so be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @TheRealDjazel

If you can give any advice to any other girls looking to get into the modelling industry what advice would you give them?
I could probably write a novel with the advice I have for females looking to get into the modelling/entertainment industry but if I could umbrella all of that into one breath, I would just say, be careful, cautious, sensible and know your worth.

And before we close out this interview would you like to leave us with a favorite quote of yours?

Of course! I’ll leave you with a quote that I actually shared on my Facebook today.. “Don’t fear the people who change and grow. Fear those who stay stagnant.”

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few of our questions and we look forward to seeing more of you and the things you have coming out next..

Can you tell the viewers where they may be able to find you on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or if you have a personal website?





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