Krip-Hop Nation 10th year Anniversary CD


2017 Marks the 10th year for the Krip-Hop Nation.

Founder Leroy Moore has worked very hard for 10 years to get where he is today with the movement of the krip-hop nation. And he has put together a brand new album titled

THE BEST OF THE KRIP-HOP NATION – with special guest on this album D.M.C. of RUN D.M.C and Wonder Mike of The Sugar Hill Gang, plus members of the Krip-Hop Nation.

This new album is a double CD with 24 tracks, With Hip-Hope and Poetry.

Krip-Hop Nation 10th year Anniversary CD..




You can read the albums press release below…

It’s 2017 Happy Birthday Krip-Hop Nation!  On our tenth anniversary, Krip-Hop Nation has grown and pushed itself by searching for more women with disabilities, like Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchhair Sports Camp, Toni Hickman and Annjewelz, collaborating with DIP-HOP, Deaf Hip-Hop artists like Pinz-D and going deeper with our relationships with non-disabled Hip-Hop artists who have supported Krip-Hop from the beginning like C.R.I.$.I.$. from Zambia, Africa, Latino Hip-Hop Bay Area group, Brown Buffalo, Wonder Mike from Sugar Hill Gang and more. This CD has twenty-three songs some have been on Krip-Hop CDs but many are new members of Krip-Hop Nation or first time to be on a Krip-Hop project.  We also have hottest DJs from Italy to the California, USA and the legendary DMC from Run-DMC!  As we all know Hip-Hop stripped down is poetry so this why we include Black Deaf  poet, Joy Elan


I like to give thanks to DJ Quad of 5th Battalion in LA who co/produce this CD with me and all the artists who have stuck around and really supported Krip-Hop Nation and the original founders like Keith Jones, Rob Da’ Noize Temple, Binki Wio and Preechman. I hope Krip-Hop Nation live beyond me for the nextt generation.


In 2007, Krip-Hop Nation was born with our Vol.1 Mixtape with Hip-Hop artists with disabilities all over the world. Since that day Krip-Hop Nation lived up to our tag line, ‘Krip-Hop is more than music.’ Krip-Hop Nation is an international network of Hip-Hop & other musicians with disabilities with a few chapters around the world what we call Mcees With Disabilities (MWD) in Germany, UK, Canada, & Africa. Krip-Hop is a community as well as style of music, an artistic space where people with disabilities can speak out and speak back to the social structures that exclude people based on disability, race, sexuality, and a host of other marginalized identities.


Why Krip-Hop Nation: Musicians with disabilities have always been here however there has been a lack of cultural activism especially in Hip-Hop with a disability justice to not only advocate but to continue to display the talents of musicians with disabilities & at the same time advocate & celebrate our history, intersectional cultures & to politically educate ourselves & our communities locally, nationally & internationally.


When: Leroy Moore first put a spotlight on disabled Hip-Hop artists in the early 2000s when he co-produced and co-hosted a three-part series on what he dubbed “Krip-Hop” for a Berkeley, California, radio station. The series appeared on KPFA’s Pushing Limits program, which focuses on news, arts, and culture from the disabled community. The series was so well-received that Moore shortly thereafter founded the Krip Hop Nation for disabled musicians


Krip-Hop’s Mission is to educate the music, media industries and general public about the talents, history, rights and marketability of Hip-Hop artists and other musicians with disabilities from Blues to Hip-Hop internationally. Our bi-line is Krip-Hop is More Than Music.


Krip-Hop Nation’s Main Objective is to spread awareness about the history, arts, the isms facing musicians with disabilities along with getting the musical talents of hip-hop artists with disabilities into the hands of media outlets, educators, and hip-hop, disabled and race scholars, youth, journalists and hip-hop conference coordinators. Krip-Hop Nation have put out CDs, held conferences and spoke on issues from police brutality against people with disabilities to ableism in Hip-Hop, media and in our communities.


COMPILED BY DJ Quad & Krip-Hop Nation              ENJOY!


If you want to order your Krip-Hop t’shirts and show your support contact LEROY MOORE.


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