FlyCat – Featured Interview


When did your career begin?

I was born in Milano, Italy in 1970. The Hip Hop Culture landed in my city around ‘82-’84, i was a little kid but old enough to fall in love with this amazing Culture. As a “writer”, to me it was a natural thing to rap my letters. Instead of painting them I wanted to give them the power of the sound. At the time I used to listen to Grand Master Melle Mel and The Furious Five or Whodini, that was the shit ese!

Is there a particular meaning behind the name Flycat?

I used to watch Top Cat on TV, but Top Cat 126 was even the name of a great pioneer of Writing! So I thought to use Fly was a great idea.

When did your involvement with the Sick Side Symphonies begin?

1n 2002 i was managing a hip hop night in a well known club in Milano called “Deep Side”. I organized a special event with money from Red Bull so’ I was able to invite a guest to perform. My friend Estevan Oriol at the time was touring with Cypress Hill in Japan. He told me you should call Jacken, and that’s it! That was an unforgettable show, I opened up and The Psycho Realm performed the sickest Hip Hop show that Milano ever had before! So a few months after, we’ve recorded the first single “Undisputed Truth”, and after it came out, Jack asked me about producing an entire album, Our Sign was born! Being based out in Italy.

Have you taken anyone under your wing to help them achieve the status you have now?

I always liked to try and spread to younger generations what I was lucky to learn from all the amazing people/artists that I’ve met during my career. I believe this is part of our Culture!

Who have you worked with in the industry that you would say have helped you cement your name in the underground rap game?

What I considered LA mia Familia, Big Duke, Sick Jacken, Cynic, Crow Soto, DJ-FM, and of course my homie Fabian “Spade” Debora who was the first to introduce me to Chicano Culture, ITS clicka from Tast Los, The great Jesse DJ Quad, Fifth Battalion, Global City, Frankie Knuckles, Legion of Slugs, my brother Sal Rojas,

Do you have any projects coming out soon? and if so, are they solo or collaboration projects?

As an MC I would love to come out with a entirely new album with Big Duke, as a “writer” I’m painting everyday,

I’ve just opened a new exhibition last nite named “Ground Zero” in Milano,all dedicated to the brave ones of 911.

I’d like to give a very special props to my Grand Master, The Rammellzee who unfortunately, passed away last year,

“Thank you Rammell for all your teachings and friendship”, truly your disciple: Flycat “Y-1” Ikonoklast Panzerist.

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