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We have all met or know someone in a car club. There’s always the nice rides, the shows and the models. It never fails! There’s always those cars that leave us with our mouths wide open. There’s also those classics that have us reminiscing about childhood memories when we really wanted them. See, with car clubs, this is just a given. All this and the photo shoots of course. But, let me tell you this shoot and interview felt a little different. With this being the first time that we interview a car club the answers weren’t exactly what I was expecting. The environment was so chill and relaxed as opposed to a car show. We were at the park and the grill was burning in the background, the kids, the pisto, the rides, the model and of course the cameras! If you take away the models, the cameras and leave everything else, all you had left was a park full of family. Now don’t get me wrong all car clubs consider themselves family and I ain’t talking shit or anything but the reason why this was so different is because there’s no other chapter to this club. It literally is just one and only, Temptations Car Club of Orange County. Most of the members have been in the clubs since its origination in East LA in the late 80’s! since I was born they have been one haha. Now that’s history amongst members. You can also feel the tightness as a whole when being around these guys. It was definitely an experience and the food was bomb! Thank you Hector for the Q&A’s.


How long have you guys been around?

We’ve been around since ‘88. It started off in East LA then Ben Trejo brought it out to Orange County. So we’ve been around for over 25 years.


How many Chapters do you guys have?

We have one chapter only, which is Orange County. One of our original members is trying to start one off in San Antonio.


So you guys are trying to expand outside of Orange County?

No, its just that he is one of our original members who had to move out there for financial reason and rather than have him join another car club, we are working on having him represent Temptations since we are more of a family car club as a opposed to a chapter club.


How many members are you guys?

We have 18 active members right now.


Are you guys involved with the community?

We always have been. We are very family oriented. We have helped hospitals, we’ve done high schools, and we stopped for a while, but we are now on our 3rd annual toy drive in Christmas.


Has there been any changes in the scene since the club started?

The Lowrider scene has seen a lot of positive changes. Now when we have car shows or events there is no longer a gang element to it. Back then people had trouble distinguishing between being car clubs and gangs.


What are the requirements to joining the club?


They gotta know it’s not a chapter car club. Every body here has been around since the beginning. Its family based, we don’t have members coming in and out of the car club.


I know you guys are real family based, are you guys real active in the car show scene?


We are! As I said we are family oriented so we can’t make it as a whole to every show, but we make sure that we have 3 or more representatives at the show to represent for Temptations


Well thank you very much Hector for the interview and I hope that you guys continue to be as strong as you guys have been. Its been an honor and privilege to be able to sit down with you guys for this interview and the photo shoot!


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