Street Life Images by Timothy Reynolds

First and foremost thank you to everyone from this production for providing these images to Steelo Magazine. It was a pleasure to make this collaborative a reality between Intricate Media and US ( Steelo). Shout outs to Lifers Brand for apparel sponsorship and last but not least thank you to the fashion designers Raul Rosales and his assistant Mayra Amezquita for these beautiful custom made outfits.

Also, a big-big thank you to Street Life Project Coordinator and second half of IMG, Claudette Segovia!

Female Models: Sasha, Summer Flores, Arcelia Aguilar, Chyna Smith, Claudette Segovia, Melina Johnson, Myrna, Nancy Aguilar, Sarena Luckett and Esmeralda Campos.

Male Models: Kenneth Stedman, Juan Granados, Raul Granados, Oscar, and Sharky.

Hairdresser: Gloria Susunaga

MUA’s: Lily Fer, Melly Arellano, Sadie Silva and Claudette Segovia

CP8D0126 CP8D0124 CP8D0125 CP8D0026 CP8D0028 CP8D0034 CP8D0035 CP8D0030 CP8D0038 CP8D0041 CP8D0044 CP8D0050 CP8D0051 CP8D0056 CP8D0058 CP8D0053 CP8D0060 CP8D0062 CP8D0063 CP8D0065 CP8D0068 CP8D0066 CP8D0069 CP8D0067 CP8D0070 CP8D0072 CP8D0073 CP8D0075 CP8D0077 CP8D0080 CP8D0086 CP8D0092 CP8D0094 CP8D0096 CP8D0090 CP8D0087 CP8D0097 CP8D0099 CP8D0101 CP8D0110 CP8D0109 CP8D0104 CP8D0117 CP8D0117 e CP8D0115 CP8D0114 CP8D0121

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