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You started performing at the very young age of 12yrs old. Who or what inspired you to do so?
Music has always been a big part of my life. I don’t remember a day growing up that I wasn’t listening to music, whether it was my mom playing oldies on her record player or me listening to different genres of music on my own. As music is very therapeutic to listen to, I found it to also be very therapeutic to sing and eventually perform. It was more than just a hobby to me, and eventually it was something I realized that I wanted to pursue in the long run.


How does performing now differ from when you first started?
When I first started performing in school, I was performing in musicals and in talents shows. Now I’m singing around the city at live venues, festivals, casinos, etc. It’s second nature to me now, whereas when I was very young I battled with stage fright. Overcoming that fear and winning an award for LIVE ARTIST at the 2012 TIMA’s (Toronto Independent Music Awards) was incredibly gratifying.

Also, you were chosen for various leas roles early In your career. How did that feel at that point in time?
Achieving lead roles in musicals at a young age definitely developed my confidence, and helped to steer me toward a career in music. When I tried out for my first musical, I had no idea that I was any good at it, I just knew that I loved it!

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What was like performing for former US President George W. Bush?
It was a honor to get the opportunity to perform for a former US president and his colleagues. It was a bit nerve-wracking as there was a lot of security (he himself had at least 7 surrounding him), but once my band and I got on stage, going with the flow was easy.

Tell us about your first international single “2 Good 2 Be”?
“2 Good 2 Be” is nostalgic to me, because even though it was released not too long ago, it is based off a song written from my debut album, Unexpected, that I released in 2010. It’s exact interpretation, I will leave up to the listener. I put a lot of work into the story and set design of the video, which then led me to be in a better position to help write the treatment for my latest single “When We Last Kissed.” I’ve grown from the experience of “2 Good 2 Be” and I think “When We Last Kissed” is so far my best work both visually and sonically.

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Your music is said to always carry a message. What is it that you try to convey to those who listen to you?
Usually my messages are about society and the way we cope with living in it. I tend touch upon the ideas of temptation and it’s consequences, and “living in your own head”

What was the inspiration behind your album, “Unexpected”?
The album was purely experimentation. Each song had a different set of rules of how it was to be composed. Only one or two songs off the album are probably considered pop songs, and others range from dance, RnB, with even some rock influence.

That was a written collaborative effort between you and Mr. Colin Stewart. Was it difficult to co-write with someone else?
Colin has been a part of this project and is the co-writer for my album, my last two singles and videos. I choose people on my team that I could work with easily and can bring something to the table, so it was not difficult. Skye Sweetnam directed my latest video, “When We Last Kissed”, and she was another really fantastic person to work with.

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You’ve been on numerous TV shows locally in your hometown, Is there any plans for expansion this year?
I have been on TV shows in Toronto, throughout Ontario and Rogers OMNI TV. I have started expanding into the US and had my recent video When We Last Kissed placed on Pepsi’s MTV Indies.

Your team has worked with the likes of Drake and The Weekend. As an artist does that add extra pressure on you or does it motivate you to meet the aforementioned artist’s status?
Working with other successful artists helps me to grow and get out of my own box.

Tell us about your new international single “When We Last Kissed” Ft. Drega. How did that track come about?
On one level the song is about when you kiss someone not knowing if it’s the start of a great relationship or you’ll never see them again. On a deeper level it is about how there is an unknown when it comes to temptation (the kiss in the words “when we last kissed”) … in that giving in to temptation could have great satisfaction or it could be the end.
The video was the most fun part of the project. I worked hard at creating the story with Colin and having Skye Sweetnam come in and direct the film was such a great experience. It is my best work so far. I really dig the video and think you will too.

What are your and your team planning for this 2015?
I’m coming out with a remix as well as a new single and video. There is a lot on the way so stay tuned.



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