Steelo Model – Minnie (Lingerie shoot)


Steelo Magazine would like to introduce you to our newest model featured on Steelo Magazine.

Photography by: Jesse Morin of Steelo Magazine

If anyone is interested in booking Minnie for your next photo shoot, music video, Clothing line or product promotions, Event hostings, or anything more just contact with information and we’ll give you the rates.

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Name – Minnie

Nickname – Bby Doll or Bby Doll Gee

Age – 36

Birthday – July 6

Birth sign – Cancer

Height – 5’3

Weight – 156Lbs

Brown Eyes

Body Measurement – Bra size 36B – Waist 13 or 15

Modeling experience – 4 to 5 years

How did you get started modeling – I started modeling for impalaz magazine at car shows.. Shortly after i was contacted by other photographers and became a freelance model..

What is your favorite thing about modeling – I’d say the best thing is the travel and being able to meet a lot of great talented people.

Favorite color – Red – Maroon

Favorite Food – Boneless BBQ wings

Favorite movie – Mi Vida Loca

What hobbies to you have – I like going to nice peaceful sceneries.. I enjoy traveling..

Favorite quote – “During your life, never stop dreaming.. No one can take away your dreams..   “Tupac Shakur

How do you feel about being a model for Steelo Magazine – I feel Honored.. Blessed to be a part of Steelo Magazine.. I am deeply appreciative.

What can the viewers expect to see from you – They can expect for me to be Devoted..To stay humble.. I hope to aspire other women to achieving there dreams..

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