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Here we feature another beauty on our online publication for Valentine’s this is the beautiful Pi’Onas Reign and you’ll see her sexy valentine’s photos a long with some fun Valentine’s questions to get to know more about Pi’Onas fun, sexy, wild side…

Age – 32

Birthdate – 03/22/1992

Zodiac Sign – Aries

Height – 5’5

Weight – 165 lbs

Eye Color – Dark Brown.

Body Measurements – Breast 34H – Waist 38 – Hips 43

Ethnicity – Black and Beautiful

Location – Riverside,CA

Years of Modeling Experience – 3 years

Follow Pi’Onas on her Instagram – @Pionas_Reign

Before we get started can you tell us what the viewers are going to be seeing with you and your photos for our HOT and SEXY Valentine’s Day theme this year?

The viewers are going to see my sexy wild shy seductive side.

What are some of the romantic things you like to do for that special someone on Valentine’s Day?

I would put Rose petals leading from my living to the bathroom with a nice bubble bath with champagne, Rose petals, bath bombs, sea salt bath minerals, with candles and some nice soft romantic music, and after my partner get out the bath tub I will have on some sexy lingerie, and the rest of the story I will leave it to the viewers imagination.

Can you tell us about your most memorable Valentine’s Day you have ever had with someone?

I came home from out of town and he bought me my very first lingerie outfit it was waiting on the bed with matching heels. He undressed me and put it on the lingerie, and took me for a ride in the rain, and we pulled over in a random neighborhood and the rest was history.

Are you the kind of woman who likes to spoil their partner or do you like to be the one getting spoiled by your partner on Valentine’s Day?

I like both I like to spoil my man but also like for my man to spoil me and treat like Princess.

In your mind what would be the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day and it could be anything you want to do?  Give good details…

With my partner on a island living life to the fullest.

You come home from work and your partner has 2 gifts for you but you have to choose just 1. The first gift is a beautiful evening dress with a limo ride to a fine dinning restaurant for a romantic dinner or the second gift is a very sexy lingerie out with rose petals that lead to the bedroom where a room full of candles, roses, chocolates, whipped cream and your favorite love making songs are playing, which one do you choose and why?

The me now I would pick the nice evening with a limo ride an fine dinning restaurant The me now loves getting dressed up and feeling like an absolute princess.

What would you be looking forward more, a nice long hot and sexy shower or a warm romantic bubble bath that you and your partner can be in together?

I would choose the shower because we would have more room in the shower to get a little freaky.

Do you have any special fantasies that you would like to make to life with your partner this year on Valentine’s Day?

I love to Go out of the country and make love on a nice hidden romantic beach.

You have a basket with whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup and a bottle of wine. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to these things?

Bubble bath.

Do you have any special Valentine’s Day words you would like to share with our viewers seeing your hot and sexy Valentine’s publication?

Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

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