Steelo Magazine Model – Samantha T (Sexy n Classy shoot)


Steelo Magazine would like to introduce you to our newest beauty coming to you from the state of Texas..

Photography by: Henry Singleton of Steelo Magazine

This is Samantha’s first feature as a Steelo Model and be on the lookout for more coming soon.

If you are looking for a model to do your next music video, clothing line promotions, swimsuit or lingerie campaign, any hosting events, boxing or MMA ringside girl, or just anything where you might need a beautiful model with different looks and styles, then this is the model for you. You can contact us here for more info and rates.. SteeloMagazineModels@Yahoo.Com

Take a look below to see more about Samantha and her beautiful photos..


Name – Samantha Trujillo
Nickname – Sammie or Sammie Kaye
Height – 5’4
Weight – 115 Slim build
Body Measurements – Breast 32 – Waist 26 – Hips 36
Birthday & Sign – 12-28-1992 Capricorn, so I’m ambitious!
Favorite Foods – Anything chocolate is my weakness.
Favorite Color – Peacock blue and chartreuse 
Eye color – Green, with gold around my iris
Favorite Movies – The LEGO Batman Movie, but I must admit that shows such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Shameless are my obsession.
What is your Modeling Experience – I’ve been modeling for about five months now, which may not seem like very much, but these past five months have kept me very busy! Most of my free time has consisted of networking and doing shoots.
Can you tell us little about your modeling career? How and when did you get started in modeling – After losing quite a bit of weight and regaining my confidence, I decided to take a chance at modeling. Over time, my pictures improved and my self esteem was at an all time high; that’s when people started to take notice! Since then, I’ve been hitting the gym, taking care of myself and making new connections with people in various industries. My experience has been fantastic so far.
What are some of your Favorite things about Modeling – Modeling is my outlet for expressing myself. Since I’ve started modeling, I’ve discovered new things about who I am and I’ve learned to love myself, more so than ever before. Another aspect I love is meeting models at events. The models are so supportive as well as encouraging when it comes to promoting body confidence. It’s great to see other women lifting up one another.
How would you describe your style? The best way I can describe my style is versatile; feminine and sexy, yet edgy and adventurous. I keep an open mind on set, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the end results some of which I thought wouldn’t work.
What do you want to accomplish from this industry? I love meeting new people, and so far I’ve been able to do just that!  So, as far as what I want to accomplish? I want to be able to travel to new areas, see things I haven’t seen before and just meet new people!
With the modeling are you looking to get into any other parts of the industry like music videos, brand ambassador work, ringside girls for boxing and mma events, clothing companies, or high fashion work – I would love to take part in everything I can, this industry is so much fun! I might need to move to LA or New York! Although, I think I’m best suited for being a brand ambassador or working for a clothing company, but who knows!
Now that it is official How do you feel about representing and becoming a new model for Steelo Magazine – STOKED! It’s such an honor to be part of a publication that values and publishes an array of women.
What can the viewers expect to see from you as one of Steelo’s newest models – I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone, trying new concepts in addition to keeping my image fresh and vivacious.
What are some of your Hobbies – In my spare time, I like to play games such as Destiny or Heroes of the Storm. Drawing and singing have always been natural talents for me but I’m currently working on being a seamstress so I can cosplay like a boss.
Any quote you like to give the viewers – “Don’t take yourself too seriously, laugh and find humor in your faults..”
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