Steelo Magazine Model – Jinie (1st official shoot)

Steelo Magazine Model – Jinie

In her 1st official shoot as a Steelo Model.

Photography by: Jesse Morin of Steelo Magazine

Be on the lookout for this beauty as she steps in front of the camera in her next up coming shoots showing you the different looks and style she can create..

This is just the beginning of whats to come..

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Name – Jinie Aranda.

Nickname- Jinie.

Height – 5’2”

Weight 115lbs

Birthday and sign- April 12 Aries.

Favorite Foods- Chili Rellano Burritos, My mom’s soups, Food is Life lol.

Favorite Colors- Blue, Black, Red, White.

Eye Color- Brown.|

Favorite Movies- Breakin, Labyrinth, Willy Wonka, Nightmare On Elm Street, Wishmaster, Event Horizon.

Modeling Experience- I’m new at this but enjoying the opportunity of learning as much as possible every chance I get.

How I got into Modeling- Actually was inspired by someone who showed me that even if it’s fearful, you do what you gotta do and shine that way. Overcome and get through it. Even being nervous, fearful about it, I decided to take this opportunity and be blessed by it.

Favorite thing about Modeling- My favorite thing is the ideas behind the photos and the learning process along with it.  You develop a hunger of wanting more and that’s where I’m at right now.  Learning and growing each time.

How do you feel about Representing and Becoming a New model for Steelo  Magazine-  It feels awesome!!! I couldn’t be more humbled and thankful for being apart of a Team that gave me the opportunity to show and bring what I have and make art out of it.  I’ll represent to the fullest lol.

What can Viewers Expect from you next as a Steelo model-  They can expect the unexpected lol I have alot of ideas that I would love to share and express and be able to make come alive. Light up the world, let’s go.

What are your Hobbies – Chilling with my family,  Watching Football (Buccaneers) , Dancing, Karaoke, Amusement parks,  Eating lol.

Can you give us a Quote for the viewers – I Never Lose, Either I Win, Or Learn.



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