Steelo Magazine Model – Janna U (1st shoot)


Steelo Magazine would like to introduce you to the newest model to the steelo team of beauties..
Steelo Model: Janna
Photography by: Jesse Morin of Steelo Magazine
For anyone looking for models for any promotions, music videos, clothing line company, event hosting, mma – boxing ringside girls, or any type of photo shoots that need models you can reach out to us for Janna or any of the other Steelo models here at SteeloMagazineModels@Yahoo.Com
And give us details on what it is that you need the model / models for and we’ll give you the booking rates.
Name – Janna Urias
Nickname – “lil red”
Height – 5’3
Weight – 130lbs
Body Measurements – Breast 36 – Waist 26 – Hips 37
Birthday & Sign – September 17th/Virgo
Favorite Foods – I love cheese enchiladas & nachos
Favorite Color – Pink & Red
Eye color – Brown
Favorite Movies – A Night at the Roxbury
What is your Modeling Experience –  I am fairly new to this industry but the way I see it is, the sky is the limit! 🙂
How did you get into Modeling – My bestfriend Kat took me on a road trip with her to San Jose.  We were in a photo shoot for Breast Cancer Awareness. We had so much fun & I was able to just let all my worries go & be myself.
Favorite thing about Modeling – I am able to be whoever I want to be. One picture can have a thousand meanings behind it 🙂
How do you feel about representing and becoming a new model for Steelo Magazine – I feel extremely flattered & very blessed to be recognized for that sparkle that twinkles within my eyes.
Now that you are a steelo model what do you plan to bring to the team of beauties as far as looks and styles – Versatility…I can adapt quickly no matter the situation yet uniquely stand apart.
What are your Hobbies – Anything that has to do with arts & crafts, especially painting. I also love to bake.
Any quote you like to give the viewers – Never give up because there is always a brighter light at the end of the darkest tunnel.
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