Steelo Magazine Model – Ashley Amor

Here to introduce to you our newest model for Steelo Magazine..

Model: Ashley C

Photography by: Anthony Barrientos of Steelo Magazine

You can get to know more about Ashley by reading below..

Name– Ashley C.
Nickname – Ashley Amor
Height – 5’7 
Weight – 145
Body Measurements – Breast 34– Waist –29 Hips 42
Birthday & Sign – May 10, 1988 Taurus baby!!
Favorite Foods – Mexican food, chile rellenos, chile verde, Sushi and Sake combo, Bolivian food is my all time favorite!! 
Favorite Color – Hot Pink
Eye color – Brown
Favorite movie– Shottas or Suckerpunch
Months or Years of Modeling Experience – off an on about 3 years.  
How did you get into Modeling – Started through promo work and ending up getting offers to try modeling. 
Favorite thing about Modeling – I love that you can change into a whole other person. In modeling you can change your hair, name, makeup, clothing and represent any feeling or persona that interests you. I love being able to step away from society’s norm and be able to express yourself freely and be celebrated for it. 
How does it feel to represent and to be a model for Steelo Magazine – Its awesome!! I love the vibe of LA and am excited to show my support for the city and magazine.
What are your Hobbies – I love being with my family, trying new things, exploring new places, traveling when possible, going to amusement parks, yoga, making money.. 
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