Steelo Magazine Model – Alexxis Maae (Mexican Pride Shoot)


Steelo Magazine would like to introduce to you another beauty to our team of beauties, she is the beautiful and sexy Alexxis Maae also known as Von Widow. In this shoot with Alexis you will see her having fun, feeling sexy, and representing for her Mexican culture as she also celebrates her birthday in this month of September and also celebrating Mexican Independence Day as well.

If you are looking to book Alexxis for your next photo shoot, music video, clothing brand, car club, car show event, boxing or MMA ringside girls or anything else you can reach out to us here at for more details and rates..

Photography by: Jesse Morin of Steelo Magazine

And now her she is the beautiful ALEXXIS MAAE

Nickname  – Von Widow

Age – 30, flirty and thriving

Birth date – September 17, 1989 (Then I’ll be 31 and full of fun)

Birth sign – Virgo

Eye color  – Brown

Hair color  – Dark Brown (subject to change)

Height  – 5’ 2” (tall enough to ride all of the roller coasters)

Weight  – 138 +/- 3 lbs, fluctuates based on day of week & COVID impact

Body measurements  – That petite thick life; I haven’t measured myself in many months and I don’t want to start now unless someone is trying to buy me clothes then I’m 34DD in bra, medium in tops/dresses and 7/8 in bottoms.

Ethnicity  – Mexican Samoan (Hola/Talofa)

Location  – Somewhere in So Cal.

Years of modeling experience  – 5 years.

How did you get started in modeling  – When I was in High School I became fully immersed in the punk, rockabilly and alternative scene (even though I had listened to a lot of rock ‘n’ roll my entire life) and I would pick up magazines and look at all of these beautiful ladies modeling tattoos, pin up style, fetish, alternative and I just fell in love with the art and aesthetic. I started going to car shows more and more and met a lot of people in car clubs who happened to know photographers so at these car shows I started taking pictures next to cars and started hanging out with pinup models and taking group pinup pictures at car shows. Then I had my first private photography session and that was it for me, I was sucked in and couldn’t get enough. Unfortunately I made the mistake of dating someone who wanted to hide me from the world so I stopped modeling for a few years but after that relationship I started getting ready to shoot again and now I’m back and I’m here for good.

Is there a model past or present that inspired you when you got into your modeling  – I really liked Masuimi Max and Sabina Kelly for their tattooed modern pin up aesthetic with an erotic style. I’d see them all the time in Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine and fell in love with the photos.

What has been your most memorable modeling experience – That’s a tough one, considering they’ve all been memorable in their own little way. But if I’d have to name one it would be when I’ve worked with the prominent Jeff Reyes (@echosworld) who has a prominent resume including having worked for Maxim and he just provided many words of wisdom and encouragement and really brought me out of my shell, pushing me every time to my limits, in a good way. Another one that really stands out was the fun I had shooting with Mitzi (@mitziandco) as I had known of her pinup photography for several years and I remember being a teenager, meeting her at a car show and her stating that I should model for her sometime, took me 10 years to actually do it but it was a dream to have worked with her finally and her work is just amazing.

How would you describe your modeling look and style – Modern tattooed pin up with a little bit of exotic/erotic and alternative style. I am diverse though when it comes to what I’ve shot and am looking to continue shooting. Not a one-trick pony over here.

What is your favorite time of the year, and why – The fall, hands down. It’s my birthday in September, my son’s birthday in October, Halloween is my favorite holiday, sweater and boot weather, it’s a great time to travel as weather is more moderate, the leaves are changing, I can bbq outside and can also cook something up in the over without having to worry about the stove heating up the apartment too much, the list goes on..

How do you feel about becoming a new model for Steelo Magazine  – It’s an exciting opportunity to be lined up with other prominent figures in the culture from models to other artists!

Now what can we expect to see from you in the near future and up coming photo shoots as a Steelo Magazine model  – I may be a part of the next Christmas issue, I may convince Jesse to continue with the calendar and if I do I want ins XD I’ll be at the car show on Sunday September 27th 2020, so you may find me next to a car. I have other shoots planned with various photographers so continue to follow and see where I go next.

What is your favorite color – Dark red, like burgundy, maroon or wine red. It’s a passionate, sultry color and I look pretty good in it.

What is your favorite type of food – Tacos! I’m talking Al Pastor, Lengua, Birria, you name it.

What are some of your favorite movies – The Boondock Saints, Tombstone, John Wick Trilogy, House of 1000 Corpses, The Crazies if I had to name just a few.

Do you have a favorite quote that you would like to share with the viewers  – Live the life you love and love the life you live. And, don’t be a Karen.

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