Sneaker Heads Expo 2014 in Los Angeles

sneaker heads expo 2014

Article Written By:  Ricky Gonzalez & Andy Gonzalez

Photography by: Andy Gonzalez
The Sneaker Heads Expo event was held in Downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, July 27, 2014. It was filled with some of the best and shoes you could find, from Jordan’s, Nike’s, Chuck Taylors (Converse), and a variety of custom designed shoes. Many designs of shoes that stood out were the Space Jam 11’s. Those are possibly the best pair of Jordan’s to own and there were many in different colors throughout the expo. There were many custom designed shoes, like a pair of Nike’s with a couple of The Simpson’s characters on each shoe. This event also had a variety of other sneakers from athletes like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Chris Paul and many more. The rarest shoes that stood out the most were a pair of Nike’s called The Kiss Of Death, which the price ran up to $800. Kiss of death shoes











This event was filled with a bunch of people who enjoy selling, trading or buying all types of shoes. There was a large amount of clothing brands that showed up such as 2Ill Clothing, Graffiti the City Clothing, At All Cost Apparel and so many more. Some performances came from Power 106 FM, r&b group Jake and Papa & Eric Bellinger. It you didn’t have a chance to go, stay tuned to the next event coming in October. You can find many more upcoming updates and events on the Sneaker Heads Expo Instagram page.

sneaker heads crew 1

Here are alot of the sneakers that were on display at this years Sneak Heads Expo in Los Angeles 2014.

sneakers 1 sneakers 2 sneakers 3 sneakers 4 sneakers 5 sneakers 6 sneakers 7sneakers 8 sneakers 9 sneakers 10 sneakers 11 sneakers 12 sneakers 13sneaker heads expo crowdsneakers 14 sneakers 15 sneakers 16 sneakers 17 sneakers 18 sneakers 19 sneakers 20 sneakers 21 sneakers 22 sneakers 23 sneakers 24 sneakers 25 sneakers 26 sneakers 27 sneakers 28 sneakers 29sneaker heads expo 2014For more info on the next SNEAKER HEADS EVENT click on the link below..



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