Slum The Resident – By: Fredy Garcia

slum the resident_steelo magazine 4Remember “A Lighter Shade of Brown”, that one song, “Homies”? There’s a verse in that song that says “life was hard being a product of my residence”. I don’t know why but this interview with Slum The Resident reminded me of that exact verse haha.  Nah, but on a real note, its because its real fitting to his life story. Slum grew up in Echo Park at a time where it wasn’t full of hipsters and white people walking around the park and lake so peacefully. Those of you who know about Echo Park know exactly what I’m talking about. Gang infested, poverty stricken neighborhood is what it was.  It wasn’t easy growing up in a time where even going to the parade was dangerous. Different neighborhoods caught spots on the wall to try and claim turf and that was the art that you saw! Actively raging war on each other, I mean, shit, the list is extensive. Forced to do things you didn’t want to because you had to make a quick come up was part of the daily life here and Slum is no stranger to it! Although he never banged he grew up with the “g code”.  He knows exactly how the streets work. He lost his brother to them (RIP) in 2006. Yet here is where his story takes a turn of events. After the passing of his brother Slum stuck to his music. With the memory of his younger brother being his driving force he. Initially he started in about 1992, he started freestyling and back in ‘04 was when he started writing lyrics. With the memory of his younger brother being his driving force he kept it pushing. In 2011, he joined The Campain.  When they first started it off the campaign was a force that just couldn’t be fucked with. It was a family with a strong movement. His involvement began with the last song “Drug Story” on their debut album, “Divine Intervention”. They decided to shoot a video to it and that’s the formula that worked for Slum. 1 song plus 1 video is what led him to be where he’s at now.  After that he followed through with the EP “The Park Bench Prophet”. This, one here although in his words, “has been slept on”, is a banger. It is one that literally tells you about the way life in the hood is! Its not a glorification but portrays what he knows because that life he’s lived. That is all he knows! He’s traveled to Nevada, Arizona, and his name has gained quick momentum in the L.A scene.slum the resident_steelo magazine 2

He was also a part of the RDS and RYC tours with Isuppose. Although those had stopped, he picked up quick with the DO IT FOR MUSIC TOURS, with OHWHEN of SoupOrCheese Productions. He continues to hold The Campain down consisting of him and LA EYEKON, now.  The man is consistently hustling. The next movement that we are awaiting is the drop of his official album, “Product of My Environment”, which is set to release sometime this summer along with an E.P consisting of many collabs put together by him and Eyekon. Lets see what he has in store for us.  Looking forward to hearing more bangers like “Gangsta Rap” from him.!!





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