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The year was 1990 in East Los Angeles when the group was first created by lead rapper Anthony Campos aka “CiTRiC”/”CiTRiC0 SyNikO” Oscar Venegas aka “d.j. Clearwater”, John Contreras aka “Shotgun / John Doe” & a few other members who later decided to venture on there own. The group was known back than as “Brown Town” witch in Spanish translates to “Pueblo Cafe”,  with current members (CiTRiCO SyNikO, Brown Huero, Ace VegaLuchi & Vero del Rio)  Over the years the group has manage to put out a number of  underground c.d.’s.  there first single ever released in 1992 was “Dope house in the getto”  with the help of Jose Benitez aka “Curly” (B Productions) & Richard Lopez aka “Skinny / Malo”

In 1995 they released their first full blown c.d. entitled “Koncrete Phunk” with the help of Cash Williams aka “Cash Phlow” in 1997 they did in exsclusive c.d. for japan “Live & Learn”  witch also lead them to japan to head line a Japanese low rider super show,  with the help of “Germ” from “Top Nation Clothing” “& “Julian” of “Street Smart Clothing”; in 2002 they released a double c.d. self tilted “Browntown Looters” through “Lideres Ent.”with the help of “Andy Herrer” of “Big Latin Ent.”, d.j. Clearwater & new rap member to the group Paul Martinez II aka “Brown Huero” along with Adrian Vega aka “Ace VegaLuchi” on background vocals & behind the scenes.

One disc was spanglish & the other one was all in Spanish.  & they have also appeared in a number of compilations such as “The Olin project”  “The never ending battle” “Defintion Of Brown parts 1 & 2” “HIP HOP showcase vol. 1” “Hecho in Aztlan 2, and 3, Amor Aztecas & Almas.  In 2004 the group put out an all Spanish c.d. “Busca Oro” (gold diggin) through   “Balboa Records / La Movida Records” with the help of producers: “J-Vibe” & “d.j. Panic”, witch is when the group officialy became “Pueblo Cafe” & this c.d. also lead them to appear on various popular Spanish t.v. shows, such as “Despierta America” “Escandalo T.V.” & the only & “Sabado Gigante”, plus a few other local shows on the “Univision & Telemundo” Networks.

Than in 2007 the group recorded another c.d. in spanglish entitled “La Batalla” (the battle) with the help of long time friends “Kinto Sol” distributed by “Atraco Music”. The group has also done many tours & opened up for a lot of well known artist,  such as “Kid Frost” “Cypress Hill” “Mellow Man Ace“ “Coolio” “A lighter shade of brown” “Roger & Zapp” “Rodney O & Joe Cooley”  “Ice Cube” & the list goes on.

But now as of 2011 / 2012 The group is working on a new c.d. (not titled yet) it will be a mixture of rap & Latin sounds trying to bring more of the whole Latino vibe / feel good music, with hot production from producers “J-Vibe” & “Tony Matt”.  The group also has a new Mgmt team “BiggFish / RobAirevon Ent.” With this new team of producers & management, there’s no limit to the success of “Pueblo Cafe”

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