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Steelo Magazine was given the honor to sit down with LV of Pink Mink Mafia to let us in on how PMM got started and where they are today…

Article Written By: Kaelyn Rodriguez of Steelo Magazine

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Interview and Written Article By Kaelyn Rodriguiez – Steelo Magazine

After sitting down with Latina Vamp, also known as LV, we heard about how Pink Mink Mafia (PMM) all got started. LV was making some changes about 10 years ago and she wasn’t holding back any more.

As a newly single, independent woman, she decided to start a clothing brand that let her use her creativity and her intrigue with rockabilly and lowriders to make rockachola clothing.

Starting off as a one-woman-show, she modeled for her own photo shoots and gained popularity on social media. After collaborating with established artists, models, photographers and others, she used that momentum and never looked back.LV used her network, her skills and her brand to empower women and fulfill her dreams of having a clothing company.

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It’s not hard to see why PMM has become a leader in the clothing and style scene. Many people from all walks of life embrace the PMM brand as a way of doing away with stereotypes. And although there may be some complications sometimes with those styles, LV doesn’t hesitate to dress the part. She says,

“I love the whole chola scene, but I don’t want people to mistake my brand, for ‘oh it’s just chola clothing’. I know it sometimes works with you and sometimes it works against you…I try to change my look according to where I gotta be. Or if I’m doing a photoshoot, what kind of photoshoot? How artistic do I want to be? Do I want to do a retro look, do I want to do a pin-up look, do I want to have a little chola twist to it? Sometimes…I rock the biker look. I just don’t want to be stereotyped.”

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With her style, brand and position as CEO of the company, LV is definitely breaking all the stereotypes! But not only do she look good and dress well, she give back to charities, too! LV and the PMM girls do the breast cancer walk every March at Dodger Stadium. They’ve been doing it for about 6 years and it is a special event because LV’s mom is a survivor of breast cancer.

PMM also does the AIDS walk and LV even started a blood drive for the Children’s Hospital because the hospital is always in need. Currently, LV and PMM are looking to become more involved with charities for battered women, children, or anyone who is in need. “Anything we can use for the greater good! We can donate our time because there is so much out there.”

While she’s kicking ass with her own brand, leading a company and working multiple jobs, she’s still asking, “How am I really making a difference?” That’s the kind of company and attitude that draws people in. And PMM has drawn in lots of members!

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These days there are chapters of PMM in Brazil, France, Japan, as well as chapters in different states like New Mexico, Texas, Florida and California. Without giving exact number of how many members, LV jokes, “You could say I have a lot of friends.” While membership continues to grow, there are hundreds if not thousands of members all over the world. No wonder they have appeared on the radio, different tv shows, magazine and books! Shout out to all you ladies! And special thanks to LV for sharing with us! Best of luck to you and congrats on all your success!
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