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rowdoggs logo 2Nowadays in the society we live in most young cats are trying to party, drink, have  and for the most part lack work ethic (in my opinion). We live in an era where every one wants to be a millionaire, or internet sensation, but for the most part don’t really want to work at it. Making a couple moves here and there, but not sticking to anything. Everyone is a rapper, a hustler, a clothing line, shit, even a magazine but not really follow through. Remember the good old days where you valued everything you got because of your hard work and effort?

The satisfaction of being recognized for your work and you couldn’t wait to do more because of the feeling of accomplishing things? Well then meet OG Rome of Rowdoggs Entertainment, the living proof that hustlers still exist. Proof that you can do all of that and still hustle your ass off to be at the top(Rome does party a lot haha). This man is one of many hats. He’s an artist, a manager, a team leader, an entrepreneur, and the list goes on and on. He knows the value of hard work.

Coming from damn near nothing and working to be where he is at now. A talented artist who manages models and will soon be the biggest sensation in the theaters (oh he’s acting now too). He’s worked with a lot of the Dog Pound people, Lazie Bone, and more, He’s been featured on a overseas magazine, Soul Central, (shout out to Mark Rowe). He’s also been featured on Street Motivation another magazine from this side of town. The recognition this kid is getting is well deserved considering he doesn’t sleep and works 25/8 as the Rowdoggs camp puts it.  He worked  his ass off being part of the Rowdoggs camp till he was blessed with the opportunity to lead it. Let me tell you something real quick. I know and have met many artist that are just like Rome, but this is why he stands out; he works hard for himself, consistently networks, is always on top of his game, and lastly doesn’t eat until his team is fed. So, in return his team takes care of him as well. OG ROME 1He’s a very humble cat. Through out the whole interview it wasn’t a me-me basis, he always spoke in “we” terms, meaning his team. That’s amazing considering  that this game isn’t very loyal. Even though he is doing a lot he always brings his team along and isn’t on some shit. He isn’t selfish or greedy. He’s not using his gente to rise, he’s rising with all of the together. Consistently promotes himself and Rowdoggs. This man has the perfect combination for success! Hard working ethic, staying humble, having fun with his craft, bangin tunes and he definitely invests in himself. He’s always multiplying what they have for them!

People like him are rare now!  It was an honest privilege and pleasure interviewing this humble artist. Please support. You wont regret it. Take my word for it! Ill finish it off this way because its customary for them. Fuck it ill even hashtag it! #AINTNOBUSINESSLIKEROWDOGGBUSINESS shout out to Rome and the rest of the camp!













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