North Cali Steelo Photographer: Anthony Barrientos

So, recently Anthony became a member of our team ! Steelo Magazine is more of a family than a team and when Anthony came in, he fit right in. It was the perfection addition to the creative family “Steelo”. Down below is just a few of his beautiful images brought to life by his vision. This man is extremely talented and we are blessed to call him one of us. Thank you, Anthony and much love brotha.

11089095_1133194603363792_2075116140_o 11171842_1133194823363770_419335416_o 11179761_1133195996696986_539872812_o 11179765_1133194650030454_1774835832_o 11179855_1133194860030433_943444912_o 11179880_1133194730030446_1884810167_o 11180422_1133194760030443_122481320_o 11182807_1133194880030431_2061541746_o 11187988_1133194876697098_1347720781_o 11201261_1133195520030367_2052285383_o

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