Nipsey Hussle (Rest in peace)


On Sunday afternoon March 31, 2019 Ermias Asghedom also known as Nipsey Hussle a music artist, rapper, songwriter from Los Angeles California was gunned down in broad day light in front of his store The Marathon located in South Central Los Angeles. Nipsey was rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead from multiple gun shot wounds to the head and torso. The news about the shooting spread fast over social media and so many people in disbelief hoping that it wasn’t true, but when it was confirmed that it was rapper Nipsey Hussle that was shot is when people began to send their thoughts and prayers to him in hoping that he pulls through.

Social media just blew up with the news and the questions started to be asked WHY NIPSEY?

For those who followed his music when he emerged into the West Coast Hip Hop scene in the mid 2000’s he then became known for his numerous mixtapes that he put out. Check out the links below to get his music.

Bullets Ain’t Got No Names Vol.1

Bullets Ain’t Got No Names Vol. 2

Bullets Ain’t Got No Names Vol. 3

The Marathon

Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon Continues


Stream Nipsey Hussle’s Debut Album “Victory Lap”

And many more,

You can see that he did put a lot of his time into making his music getting himself out there selling his mixtapes to the people on the streets. He was a true hustler when it came to getting his music heard, which lacks in some of the artist now a days that are out there making music but doing nothing with it.

He was already being looked at as the next big Rapper / MC to come out of Los Angeles making big moves and a name for himself in the music industry with collaborations with Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, John Legend, Tyga, Rick Ross, Lloyd and Trey Songz, among many others.

Nipsey Hussle he wasn’t just a rapper he was a son, a brother, a father of two and a friend.

He was also a Grammy-nominated rapper, community activist.

A business man and entrepreneur who founded the Marathon Clothing store and brand, Nipsey gave a lot of his time to the community around him looking to make change and bringing positivity and inspiring millions from all around. He is definitely going to be missed by so many.

In addition to Marathon Clothing, Hussle had opened a fish market, a barbershop, and launched a co-working space and STEM center for inner-city kids.

He had also repaved basketball courts, renovate playgrounds, provide jobs for the homeless, and fund funerals for local, low-income families. Nipsey Hussle was known for giving back and working to revitalize his community.

He was a man with a great heart, loved and respected by many in and outside of the community and for someone like that to be taken away i cold blood is very sad.

But let’s all pray that his legacy continues with all that he had planned for his future projects and the community can still continue to rise up in his honor so as his children grow up and get older they can say their dad would be proud of everyone who kept his dreams alive..



August 15, 1985 – March 31, 2019

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