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Hi, I’m Vision Complex also known as Nina Beretta. Female rapper singer song writer from California.

When did your passion for music begin?
As a child . My First memory of wanting to sing , my mom called me Tina Turner. Ever since than it was on.

Who were some of your earliest influences?
Tina Turner of course. Her passion strength her drive , her coming from nothing an becoming iconic. I related to the struggle and pain. My brother was a major influence when I began rapping. He was making beats and free styling way back I wanted to be like him. What started as a way for me to hang with him turned into my life’s passion.

How many projects do you have out?
I have a total of 3 and over 25 singles. Every song I create is created with the mindset that it will be good enough to be singles.. So that’s what I have..

What can we expect from you this 2015?
God willing I’ll finally get my Beretta Calendars out. 12 months of freshness lol . That will be in conjunction with Beretta Musik ep. I’m also shooting videos in April with the great LV Visions.

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When you’re creating what’s your daily routine?
I select the beats that move me spiritual mentally. Then I write from my heart. I’m not creating to be cool I’m not doing this for fun. This is my life I have a story to tell an a mission.

Is it challenging for you to create material?
No. If you tell the truth if your honest. Its never hard..

What are your current influences?
Me. I’ve been knocked down so many times I bounce rite back up. I work full time 40hrs a week I’m a full time single mom and a full time artist. I write record everything solo n have started to mix. No one but me is paying for these projects or this rent or my son’s needs. Its me. There’s some but not many other female rappers doing the same. My voice for those women who are like me is important.

Do you think that the bar is set higher for you, being a female in this industry?
Yes. I can write record an mix a record myself . No one sees the power in that. If I was a man I would’ve gotten a crown already..

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What have been some of your biggest challenges being a female mc?
Being objectified . My looks coming first. So I’ve sorta turned it around and used it to my benefit..

What genres would you classify yourself under? Do you experiment or just stick to what you know?
Soul Musik. I guess one would call me rap and r&b . I choose to call it soul. I do experiment. I hope to have tracks all across the board one day.

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As a female artist what obstacles did you have to overcome to get this far?
Sexism doubt having to literally fight for my respect. Literally fight for what should be a given.

Do you consider yourself to be a Rapper or Hip Hop artist? / Explain why.
An artist. I can write you a song rap the verses sing the hook record and mix it. So an artist is what I am.

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