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Written by: Ferrari Ramirez

Ay homies don’t let those beautiful light colored eyes and bleached hair fool you, Ms Krazie was born and raised in Michoacán, Mexico.

Ever since she was a little girl she was always with her number one musical influence, her Dad. She was always going with him to his practices, performs, and recordings.

One day, she heard a song from Control Machete, a Mexican rap hip hop group from Monterey, Mexico and she fell in love with their first song she heard. The lead rapper, Fermin IV, of the group really caught her attention with his distinctive voice and lyrics.

She felt really connected to the whole genre and Ms Krazie decided to give it a shot and actually wanted to see what she was capable of doing.

With Ms Krazie always around music because of her dad and then listening to Control Machete, there was no stopping her!

At about the age of 13, after being inspired Ms Krazie started to place her lyrics together and soon enough she was rapping and grasping it all very easily, to her surprise. She started off raw, with no beats but that didn’t stop her. It was just the very beginning to her success!

After a lot of hard work and having the right person hear her out, she got signed with Urban Kings Music Group.

Now she has four albums (“Brown is Beautiful”, “Smile Now Cry Never”, “Firme Homegirls Oldies”, and “Firme Homegirls Oldies 2”) and right now she is currently working on her next album “Forgive not Forget”, which dropped in 2012, so be sure to check those out home girls and homeboys!

Steelo Magazine was able to steel some time from this busy woman and get the scope for you.

How do you think you have musically and personally grown from your first album “Brown is Beautiful” (2006), to creating your current and 5th album “Forgive not Forget” (2012)? When I write an album, I base it on the kind of situations I am personally facing at that moment and as the album progresses. I do not just write, to write. Yesterday it was “Brown Is Beautiful” and with it was an Ms Krazie who was beyond eager to have her voice heard after so many years and dreams of one day having her own album. Now, it’s Ms Krazie the mother of 3 who has daily struggles with love and being a wife, with friends, with money and life just like any other girl, mother and wife out there. There is no way other up, you have to grow up both personally and musically.

You first had a girls rapping contest and now you have one currently going on for the guys, who the winner will be chosen in December, and to be featured with you on your next album “Forgive not Forget”.

What influenced you to have this type of contest and how do you think the people just by participating will benefit from it?   Someone once did the same for me; I am simply doing my part. By participating, I hope people can gain confidence in themselves and move forward with their dreams; if music is what they would like to pursue. You never know who might be watching and how they can possibly change your life.

Even though you are still in the projects of your next album is there already a song you can mostly relate to? And why?    What is the name of the song? As of this moment a lot of my songs for this new project still remain nameless, but there is a song I can point out being that it is very dear to my heart. The song speaks about the anticipation of a mother awaiting the arrival of her baby, a letter to her unborn. I wrote that song while expecting my youngest child and like the rest of the songs I’ve written for my children, it is extra special for me. 

Do you write your own music?    Always.

At a very young age your Dad influenced you to be part of the music industry, yet who influences you to create your music? I myself am my own influence. The things that I’ve been through, the tears that I’ve cried, the pain that I’ve felt, the joys that I’ve lived and the drive to succeed and help support my family to the best of my abilities.

You have a radio show online Hello Loca and you are able to connect with your audience and really catch their attention with your topics, what influenced you to create and come through with this project? I’ve always loved talk radio. If I weren’t rapping, I would probably be a host on a real radio station. I have so much to say when it comes to love, it’s not even funny. I’ve been through so much in my own life that I wanted to create a place where women around my age and with similar backgrounds could find the comfort they needed in knowing there would always be someone there who would listen and could relate to their struggles. 


Do you plan on doing your Hello Loca show every week? Or twice a week? Or how often do you plan on doing it?  Sadly, I’m not sure. The schedule I have between my children, my husband, my house and my music changes on a daily basis. Having “me time” with actual silence needed to produce the show is golden and rare in my household. I need to figure out a time and a day of the week to where I can actually come through for my listeners as promised. For now it is spontaneous, the show can happen 7 days a week, once a week or once a month, but it will happen eventually.

Do you have any other projects in the works? If so can you tell us a little more about them? I’m currently working with urban kings on expanding my Ms Krazie merchandise line as well as my own onesie’s line for babies. God willing, everything goes well and you will see a lot more from me not only in CD format but with clothing, makeup and more.

Do you listen to other types of music? If so, what kind?   I listen to almost all kinds of music, but you can almost always catch me listening to Spanish music from the 60’s and 70’s; Music, which I would hear in my home while growing up in Michoacán, Mexico.

Take us in a “regular” day of MS Krazie, what’s it like?  

It’s pretty average and probably even more “chill” than most people would think. I don’t like to pretend like I am a extremely busy person, but I have responsibilities on lock. I am a big time home body and very easy going. I wake up, get my kids ready and off to school, I clean the house, cook, take care of my littlest one and wait for the husband to come home from work in which then we all relax as a family and call it a night. Ms Krazie is always thinking about her fans and always thinking of new ways in helping them out in a personal level. She is an artist that not only takes care of her family but of her fans as well. You can always get in contact with her through her Facebook or MySpace. She is a mother, wifey, and amazing artist that is doing it all for her fans!   “Thank you so much for considering me for your magazine, it is truly my pleasure” ~ MS KRAZIE ~

For all the homeboys out there remember that Ms Krazie has her “Guy Rapping Contest” going on right now. Check it out on And good luck to everyone! Remember to always catch Ms Krazie in action at:

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Ms Krazie would like to take this time to say a few words to her fans!

“I would like to thank them for all the love and support they have always shown me throughout the years.

Words cannot express how great full I feel to have them be a part of my life.”     ~  MS KRAZIE~

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