Model Sammy-Jane – Featured Interview


Model Sammy-Jane – Featured Interview

Steelo Magazine had the privilege to do an interview with Sammy Jane a model from South Wales in the U.K. You can read her interview and see her beautiful photos and get to know a little bit more about her..

Thank you Sammy Jane for taking the time to do this interview with us,

Tell us a little bit about yourself before we get started.

Hello, My name is Sammy-Jane, I am 27 and from South Wales in the UK.

Eyes – Green

Hair color – Blue

Height – 5’2.5″

Weight – 104 lbs

Body Measurements – Breast 32G – Waist 27 – Hips 34


Can you tell us about your modeling experience, how many years of modeling experience do you have?

So I have been modelling since March 2010. However during that period I have taken a few breaks due to pregnancies.

What or who was it that inspired you to get into modeling?

I got into modelling after the birth of my first child. I lost all of my confidence and self belief, My husband wanted to show me how beautiful I was and ordered me a few sexy lingerie outfits and we took a few photo’s at home. We then uploaded the photo’s to a few websites and a photographer saw them, got in touch and arranged my first ever photo shoot. Ever since then I have never looked back.

Do you remember your first photo shoot and what it felt like being in front of the camera?

I remember my first photo shoot very well. It was with a local photographer who actually came to my house for the photo shoot, bringing all of his equipment with him. The shoot itself went very well and both myself and the photographer were very happy with the results.
I remember a mixture of nerves and excitement leading up to the photo shoot starting and certainly with the first few images my nerves were clear to see but it did not take long to settle down and start to enjoy the experience.

Looking at your photos it seems that you have been very creative with styles that you have brought in front of the camera. Do you have a favorite look or style that you like to do?

Now that is very hard to say, Over the years I have changed my appearance several times. I have always enjoyed doing “Girl next door” themes but I also really enjoy doing the more dark edgy style.

Is there a certain look or style you would like to do that you haven’t done yet?

I would love to do more body art themed photo shoots, At the moment I would really love to do a mermaid theme photo shoot.

Can you tell us what you do to prepare for your photo shoots?

Preparation varies from shoot to shoot depending on the theme, style and location for the shoot but I always make sure my hair and make-up are done (even when there are hair and make-up artists provided) because you always need to look the part. I will also make sure that I am wearing loose clothing to ensure I don’t get any clothing marks on my skin before the photo shoot.
I try to talk to the photographer as much as possible before hand so going into the photo shoot we both know what is expected.

In your opinion what are some of the things that makes for a good model?

In my opinion I would say you need to be creative, Willing to take a lot of criticism, being hard working and dedicated are both a must.

I would also say you need to be friendly and easy to work with, It doesn’t matter how good you can pose if nobody likes you enough to work with you.

Knowing that you are in the U.K. do you see any difference in the models over there than here in the United States?

From what I have seen there is not a huge difference in the appearance or abilities with both British and American models, However I would say models in the States have a lot more opportunities than us British models and also a longer time within the industry in general.

There is so much competition when it comes to modeling, Have you ever had to deal with any negativity with any other models during shoots or events?

I have been extremely luck that I have never had to deal with negativity within the industry. Its not possible to like or get on with everyone within the industry but I am the type to treat others with respect no matter what and it seems that everyone I have come across has the same attitude.

When you first were getting into modeling did you have the support from your family and friends? Or was there someone against it?

I am very fortunate that I have a very supportive family who have helped out as much as possible when it has come to my modelling.
Like a lot of girls I was naturally worried about what my father would say but he has also been supportive of my choice of career.
As for my friends they have, as always been fantastic.

Besides modeling is there any other talents that you have?

To be totally honest no. In my early teens I used to do trampolining but stopped that by my mid teens.

I would like to think of myself as a great mom but not sure that counts as a talent though.

What’s your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience, hmmm, OK so what jumps straight to mind is my first time being on the cover of a magazine. Funny enough that was also an American based magazine.

For the most negative experience definitely has to be when a photographer tried to bush the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable on a photo shoot and tried to touch me, However he has since never worked as a photographer and I’ve never had anything like that happen since.

Do you have a favorite photo that is most popular with your fans?

From my Instagram it has to be a photo of me wearing torn affect over knee black socks, black denim hot pants and a black net/string type top while holding a whip. I am kneeling on a bed with dark make-up. The image has over 320 likes on.

What do you like doing more indoor shoots or outdoor locations?

I honestly love a mixture of both, I find indoor shoots if in the right studio you can get a lot of work done in a small amount of time but working in the outdoors give huge variety on lighting, moods, backgrounds and you can get some amazing images.

Where do you think you fit in more when it comes to the modeling industry, high fashion modeling, commercial fashion, commercial modeling?? Explain why.

I would say I fall more into the Alt Glamour. Mainly due to the piercings, tattoo’s and my general appearance and experience.

Do you have a daily workout routine that you do to stay in shape?

I used to have a good daily workout and diet but I found myself getting too slim so now I try to just keep to a few squats, sit-ups, press-ups and plenty of walking with the dog.

Are looking to get into TV Commercials, Music Videos or Movies?

If you have already please tell us a little something about your experience you have done and where viewers can find you.

I have never really looked into doing any film work, Mainly because i am not very good at acting, dancing or remembering lines.

Do you plan to do your own calendar, posters, or t’shirts anytime soon?

I am planning on doing a calendar for 2019. If people contact me via my social media I am happy to arrange sales of signed photo’s and I do have a few designs for body suits, hot pants, crop tops, leggings and t’shirts that I have started modelling ready to release later this year. I also have other merchandise coming at the same time with things like mugs, coasters, mouse mats, key-rings, lighters, baseball caps and many more things.

If you can give any advice to any other girls looking to get into the modeling industry what would you give them?

The best advice I could give would be work hard, keep positive and be prepared for rejection because you cant and wont be accepted for every role you apply for.

Ok Sammy i would like to say Thank you for taking the time to answer a few of our questions and we look forward to seeing more of you and the things you have coming out next..

Can you tell the viewers where they may be able to find you on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or if you have a personal website?

Booking information.

You can find some of my modelling portfolio on the following sites by searching for SammyJane by searching for SamanthaJane4

Instagram – sammy_jane_princess

Facebook profile – sammy.jane.357

Facebook page – SammyJaneModel

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