Kemo The Blaxican – La Receta

From the Album” Simple Plan”

YOU CAN PURCHASE THE CD “SIMPLE PLAN” (click on the link below)

kemo the blaxican - simple plan album


The soulful style and hard-hitting beats grab you first. Then you hear the smooth-yet-powerful baritone vocals deliver with a distinctive tone. You recognize the voice as it commands attention with provocative lyrics over the flavorful track.  This MC shifts the rhyme from English to Spanish, and then back to English again seamlessly. Your head nods the whole way through and it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand the Spanish parts. Then it hits you…the voice and trademark rhyme-flow belongs to none other than “Kemo The Blaxican,” former member of urban-Latin hip hop pioneers, “Delinquent Habits,” whose highly-anticipated album,  Upside of Struggle, is slated for release nationally Tuesday, August 17, 2010 on Dead Silent Records.


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