DJ Quad – Bringing the heat

DJ Quad

dj quad bringing the heat

DJ Quads Debut album – BRINGING THE HEAT..

DJ Quad has been doing music since he was young, playing drums, guitar, piano, violins, and then picking up the skills of being a DJ, Then from there he became a music producer, song writter, studio engineer, and rap artist, And now the CEO of the record label 5th Battalion Entertainment since 1992,
People look at DJ Quad as an influence from his hard work and strong mind, even through paralyzed and in a wheelchair he doesn’t let that stop him from his goals in life..
I was put here for a mission and my mission is music, connecting others from all over the world, its not just music its a movement..
So be ready for what im bringing cause im binging it all straight to you..
DJ Quad – 5th Battalion Entertainment

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