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Steelo Magazine had the pleasure to get an online interview with Damien Jolivet an Artist/ Painter from FRANCE.

Interview questions by: Fredy Garcia of Steelo Magazine.

Answers by: Damien Jolivet

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Damien Jolivet..

How long have you been painting?

It’s been 17 years that I practice painting.

What’s your background like?
Small local artist, my art allowed me to hip hop artist meeting that I listen from my childhood,
invited by the wu tang clan french paris I chabazz meeting razah hell, sheyem.
that the door of my overt success. Before I produced some work in disbelief.
D zodiak also do my progress. I painted a lot for him.

When did your love for hip-hop begin?
I have hip hop since my childhood friend djoga I’m decouvrire cypress hill, I was 15 and I turn the music before I was listening a lot of hard rock black sabbath iron maiden ESCT.

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In a lot of your work, you mostly depict artist such as Marley, NWA, Snoop and many more. Is this the only type of work that you like to do or is there more?
I listen to this music it medonne lot of inspiration, I also have a lot of paint scenne of the King of France history,
battle. and also my meter Leonard de Vinci, I like him, always inspired.

How has your practice changed over time?
Each creation transporting me to a new practice, the infinite and I love her, I love learning.

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What art do you most identify with?
I identify a lot with old master, he works with anything and was able to make magnificent painting.

What work do you most enjoying doing?
The beauty of the woman, a beautiful creature God.

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Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?
I would like to live without worries, and focus on my art, I have to work beside and this fustre me much,
I will come in California because the inspiration is limitless for me.

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Professionally, what’s your goal?
I would like to live from my work to give my family a better future.

Name 2-3 you’d like to be compared to?
For my works Leonardo Da Vinci, for the desire to undertake dr zodiak for my desire to believe Jesus.

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What is your dream project? What would be the ultimate piece put together by Damien?
All my paintings are part of my dreams, I painted with my heart,
for me the most beautiful open I can offer my friends.

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To Contact Damien Jolivet and see more of his amazing paintings follow him on Facebook..

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